A Fair Warning (And A Welcome)

Hi there! (How the actual f*ck do you even start a post?) I’ll hopefully find a right way to do it someday, so I don’t completely embarrass myself every time and make you guys feel awkward.

And if you didn’t feel awkward before, you probably do now after that long ramble, so if you second guess your decision to visit my blog, I don’t blame you.

But yeah, this is my blog and I want to welcome you here, and give you kudos for actually finding me on this big, antisocial platform called the internet.

I want to warn you, that I’m gonna be writing about all sorts of possible and impossible shit, and there probably won’t be any pattern to it whatsoever, so if you’re looking for someone who only writes about books or makeup or boys, you should head somewhere else. (I’m incredibly messy when I write and I just needed somewhere to empty my head).

So when you read (if you read) keep in mind that I created this blog for me, not for you. (If that made me sound like a dick, so be it)

But hey, if there’s something you want my opinion on, or a subject you want me to discuss, just say the word and I’ll give you my honest opinion. (The perk of being anonymous on the internet)

I might also add, before I end this horrible, first blog post, that english is not my first language, so if my grammar is terrible and I suck at spelling that’s why.

Bye (or something)

10 thoughts on “A Fair Warning (And A Welcome)

  1. wow!! brilliant (and i mean it) and must confess i like the swearing..lol and who the heck ever said you have a bad sense of humor , coz i think you are hilarious and entertaining


  2. Heyyy! This was amazing! I laughed and smiled alot while reading it. And yes,i like the swearing too.You seem a fun person and i’d absolutely LOVE to read your blogs regularly.Keep writing.And m very impressed by your idea of writing for yourself and not others(no,it doesn’t make you sound like a dick,ha!) even i write for myself,to put my feelings into words and comprehend my emotions in a better way! 🙂 Looking forward to your posts.Good luck 🙂


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