This Might Make Sense To You (Or It Might Not)

Is it possible to fail at life?

I mean seriously, I might “only” be fourteen years old but I already feel like I’m losing a game I don’t even know half the rules to yet. Like I’m competing in a race against a freakin’ olympic gold medalist or something and I’m in terrible shape.

And let me tell you something; it fucking sucks okay. It’s not because I’m a whiner or I thought that I lived in this perfect world, until I saw a guy rob an old lady or something like that. (Which I btw didn’t, I’ve actually never seen anyone rob or be robbed). But sometimes I just have these moments where I realize, or rather I stop pretending for one second that everything will be okay, and that wars and injustice will end, that dreams come true and that our planet isn’t dying. I just see it how it is.

That’s how I feel on my really pessimistic days. In reality I do know that life doesn’t suck, that I’m not a failure and that I actually do enjoy living on this Earth. It’s not like I’m gonna be sorry for myself whenever things go to shit, or cry a fucking river. I just suck it up, accept how it is at the time and try to do stuff that actually does bring a smile to my face.

So for all of you people who walk around feeling sorry for yourselves, constantly blaming the world and everything and/or everyone but yourselves, take a moment to just think about how you actually can change how you’re feeling and that you do get to decide how you live your life. Try looking inwards instead of outwards.

At least I did and I can honestly say that it helped me get over my depressed stage, I was in a few weeks back.

Life sucks. Life is amazing. Life is everything in between those two.

Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.

I don’t know how this basically turned into a therapy session, but my brain just kinda wanted to go there, so I did. (I did warn you that I’m messy when I write) But If this actually made any sense whatsoever, let me know.


5 thoughts on “This Might Make Sense To You (Or It Might Not)

  1. Hi!
    First of all, is it weird that I’m scouring this deep into your blog? No? Okay, let’s assume it’s not weird.
    Second of all, now that you’re 15, are you still feeling like you’re playing a losing game? Because I’m 24 and I dont think I have many more playing rules figured out than you do, maybe we should ask someone aged 33 and maybe (s)he have it figured out?
    Aaaand there’s no third of all, I guess I’m as messy as you are in writing (or even asking questions).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, on the contrary that’s actually kinda awesome, (if I don’t think about the cringe-ness of it of course… I like to think that I’ve… evolved since then:P)
      Hmm, I guess it depends on which day you ask me that. The good days or bad ones. But yes! Let’s absolutely do that, maybe they’ll be wiser:P
      I love this comment. Put a smile on my face! Thanks for taking the time to leave your words here.

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