The Truth

I thought that I might as well get things straight before I’ve made like a 100 blog posts. I don’t want to feel like I’ve been lying to you and I don’t want the people on the receiving end of my rants, feel like they’ve been deceived.

So I’m telling you the truth now.

I actually do have a great sense of humor, even if my blog name tells you otherwise. (I bet you thought it was gonna be like the craziest confession ever, but naah, unfortunately my life is not a dramatic tv show, so I don’t really have any juicy secrets for you. Sorry)

After we’ve cleared that up, (I must say it’s nice to get off my chest, since it’s been weighing me down since yesterday…lol), let me tell you why I decided to call it what it’s currently named.

First I wanted the name to be like cool, witty, easy to remember, smart, maybe a bit punny and you probably know the drill. It’s like naming an essay you wrote for school, badly wanting the title to be epic, but ending up with something like ‘Dangerous Love’, or ‘Twilight 2’, which I think we all can agree on is in fact NOT epic. At all. (Sorry to those of you who actually named their book or assignment that. You have my sympathy)

It just didn’t really end up that way. All of my suggestions for some odd reason all ended up being pretty dark and depressing, like ‘My Shitty Life’ and ‘Life Sucks’, whom even I thought sounded utterly pathetic. Then there was also the problem with the domain being taken and the only way I could get it would be if it was named ‘’ or some shit like that. I’m too cheap to pay for my own domain, so I kinda just went after those who didn’t have weird numbers at the end.

At last the choice stood between ‘thetruthaboutliving’ and ‘ihaveabadsenseofhumor’ (both without sucky numbers at the end). Then I thought to myself: Do I really want to be that pretentious prick that names their blog ‘thetruthaboutliving’? (Who btw knows nothing about living). You can probably all guess the answer to that question. Being a pretentious bastard isn’t exactly what I imagine myself being in 15 years, (A conversation between me and a hopefully future date: Him: “So what do you do for a living?” Me: “Oh, you know, just the usual, I’m a dick “) If I wasn’t the only one who was picturing that date with a horrible ending, bravo, you are gifted with a truly incredible imagination.

So yeah, long story short: I went with the other name. (And frankly I’m happy about it)

This was the truly amazing story of how my blog got its name. A heartfelt story, not laced even the smallest bit with irony. And that is the truth. (Or something)

That’s just me. Always so easy to understand.

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