We’re All So Hard To Reach

“We’re just a bunch of messed up kids

But we’ve got our faces on

No one sees anything

No one says anything

So we just keep on soldiering on


On the inside we’re all cracking

But on the outside we’re smiling and pretending we’re not falling apart

We all just want to scream

Let ourselves be torn

But instead we do nothing to try and remove the thorn


“Sharing makes it easier”, we’ve all heard it before

But everytime we try and talk about it the words disappear

So I keep it locked up

You do the same

I lie when you ask me, smile and laugh it away

I know that everytime I ask you, you do the same


We’re broken

In a thousand pieces

It’s a puzzle we can’t solve on our own

We’re supposed to help each other

If one would just open their mouth

To speak, not to talk

Maybe things would change for once

But we’re all so hard to reach

As if we were continents apart”

A poem thingy written by me, a day I felt awfully inspired to apparently write a poem. What it means I’m not quite sure, but if it speaks to you or you actually get it, that’s fucking awesome!

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