They Don’t Get To Win This Fight

“You don’t get to decide whether I live or die

It’s not your choice to makeprayforbrussels

You don’t get to control when I laugh or cry

I’ll decide that for myself

You don’t get to tear me down and expect me to stay put

I’ll always rise again

And you don’t get to win this fight

Because I will forever fight for my rights

Even if I’m scarred for life”

I presume that you’ve all heard about the terror in Brussels on March 22nd. I’m having trouble putting my thoughts into words because it’s so difficult to even comprehend how a thing like that can happen. But it can happen, it has happened (and not just in Belgium), and frankly it’ll probably happen again. Because that’s how the world works now and I think I’m not too far off, when I say that there might be humans on this Earth, but very little humanity in some places. And that’s absolutely heartbreaking.

How some people can do such terrible things, I have trouble understanding, I won’t understand. But even if the world is in shock and everyone is mourning the lost ones, we’re not cowering in fear. We’re supporting each other, standing up for each other and uniting across countries and continents. That on the other hand is absolutely beautiful and the only good thing that can come from such a terrible attack.

Another thing I don’t understand is what the terrorists are expecting they will get out of this. Sure, they’ve killed a bunch of people, scared the world and made a statement, but do they really think that we’re just gonna go home and hide under our beds, never to be seen again? I don’t know about you but though I might be rightfully scared, I’m more angry than I’m afraid. I think, or I at least hope, that a lot of people are feeling that way.

Don’t the terrorists realize that you can’t keep poking the bear and expect it to just ignore you? At some point that bear will have had enough and it will lash out, and when that happens let’s just say that I’m happy I’m not the one holding the stick.

They don’t get to win this fight, simply because we won’t let them.

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