Today’s Brain Garbage

I feel like we have failed as a generation


We never talk anymore

And if we do

We never really say anything


We hide our faces if we see someone looking our way

Sending a smile is like a crime

And talking to a stranger is not something we just do


When my mom tells me stories about her youth

I can’t seem to wrap my head around them

Everything seemed much simpler then


No cellphones got in the way

Facebook was the greatest invention

Now it’s the greatest distraction


A photograph used to be a work of art

Now the camera has degraded to a cellphone

The photograph to a selfie


Most songs used to have meanings

Now the word’s been raped

The meaning gone


Books used to be books

Now you can buy one without any pages in

And you can become a writer too

If only you have enough Instagram followers 


This might be harsh, but sadly I feel like it’s the truth a lot of times. Of course we’ve done a lot of great things too, but there’s nothing fun in writing about that:P When I’m in my creative writing mode it’s usually shit like that that spills from my brain. So yeah, I’m basically just sharing my brain garbage with you. Hope you don’t mind. (Though I don’t really care if you do, since I think we’ve already established that I’m writing for me, not you. But anyways…It just felt polite to ask).

Let me know what you think and if you agree or disagree with me on anything:)


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