My So-Called Talent

Everyone wants to be good at something, or at least that’s what I believe. But you don’t want to be just an okay painter, you want to be an extraordinary painter and you don’t want to be good at football, you want to be great.

Maybe you’re good at a lot of things, you can draw a little, you can do a cartwheel and maybe bake an edible cake, but if you don’t have that one thing you’re really great at, then it doesn’t matter if you’re good at a dozen other things. Or at least that’s how I feel.

I’ve always thought I’d be so cool if I was like amazing at gymnastics, dancing, archery, singing, drawing, instruments etc. I’m just not. I went to gymnastics, then I broke my arm doing a cartwheel and you may be able to imagine what happened after that (A little help: I stopped). I danced once but wasn’t really great. I’m okay at singing, but not X-factor material. Sometimes I think I can draw, but then I look at my friend’s drawings (she is like insanely good), and I realize that I can’t really draw after all. And a little bonus information: I also can’t play instruments for shit.

So yeah that kinda sucks, but I also feel like that it just wasn’t meant to be then. Maybe if I’d started like doing ballet at four I’d be amazing at it, but I don’t even know what I did at age four. (My best guess is that I probably just played around with toys and did normal little girl stuff).

But while that whole rant’s been truly entertaining (I hope you know that I don’t really mean that), let’s get a bit away from all the depressing stuff and talk about what I’m actually good at, (and let’s just say that list is a bit shorter).

Here it comes… (lol). Apparently I’m good at writing (anticlimactic I know). Maybe I’m not great, and maybe I never will be(though I’ll admit that I’ll probably cry a little if I ever realize that I really can’t write for shit, and that my whole life has been a lie), but it’s the one thing that I’m just a tad better at than other stuff.

And that’s great right!? Or is it? I’ll tell you more about it in the next blog post. (I have a lot on my mind, and I don’t want this post to be like a 1000 words long, so that’s why I’m stopping myself here).

Sorry for the cliffhanger! Though I guess I’m just like a real author now, always leading you to the secret door, but choosing not to open it untill the next chapter. I hate when they do that.

Anyways, let me know what you suck at, and if you feel like it, what you don’t.

(I love that this forum I’ve created, instead of being encouraging an optimistic, it’s kinda depressing and flawed). Haha, I’m weird like that.

3 thoughts on “My So-Called Talent

  1. hehe lets say i suck at public speaking bid time which is why i recently joined the debate club so i can change that a little, i also can’t dance for shit, well maybe there are people who wouldn’t agree to this one but i feel that way, otherwise am good at lots of things, but am great at writing, poetry, singing even tho am not x factor material either, then comes drawing and cooking!, so to say i don’t know of anything i suck at completely hehe except sports of any kind can’t play anything at all!!!lol


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