A Very Great Day

Today was a great day.

Like an ‘I feel like smiling and singing’ kind of day. I went for a run before school, which set me up to a pretty good start. Then we had this alternative school day, where my class had to go to this thing they called an ‘English experience’, which was basically just my class and I playing a bunch of improv games and talking english to each other (as I think I’ve already mentioned I don’t normally speak english, as I’m from Denmark). And you might think that while all that sounds fine, and way more fun than ol’ boring math, was that really what made it a great day?

My answer to that would be, that it wasn’t just the fact that we were playing games, it was the fact that I was challenging myself to actually act and improvise, since we were learning about improv theater, instead of just being the quiet one in the back. So I’m proud of myself for not doing that.

And at last as the cherry on top, I actually went to my writers class this time, (last time I had this weird panicky thing going on, and I just couldn’t make myself go, so I went to the mall instead…), and now I’m really glad I did.

We were only 4 this time, and usually we’re at least 6 or 7, and I guess it was just nice. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and afterwards when we were done and I had to walk to the train station, a girl I’ve already talked a bit with, decided to stay with me on the platform, even though her train was like on another platform, and we just talked until my train arrived. It just felt really great, to have a conversation  with someone, and to know that there actually is someone who’s that outgoing, that they just feel comfortable doing that.

Plus, I didn’t even freak out on the train. Normally I have this like weird anxiety thing on public transportation, like I fear that people will sit down next to me in the empty spot (which they often have to since the train is pretty full), and I have to be like “sorry excuse me, but I’ve gotta get out here, so if you could just” and then the person has to get up so I can walk past. I really hate those moments.

But today it was like nothing could shake me. It was basically just a fucking awesome day.

Haha, for once I’m spreading some positivity and good vibes:p

Anyways, let me know how your day was!

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