Day 2: “3 Days Quote Challenge”


-Franklin D. Roosevelt

I like this quote because I think it’s just so relatable and accurate. No one is just gonna fly through life without having any obstacles in their way at some point. At some point we’re all gonna get something thrown our way, and we might think that it’s the worse that’s ever happened to us, but then when we overcome it, (which I believe most people will), we realize that we’ve also learnt and grown as a person.

My philosophy, (I just realized, but whatever), is that if something is easy, then you’re not trying hard enough. Life is not easy, but no one ever said it would be and if you think about it, what would the point also be then? If everything was just great all the time, how would you even know when they were great?

You can’t feel happiness without having known pain.

As an extra bonus I’m giving you an extra quote, because I thought it fit perfectly into this rambling session.

“Of course life is a bitch. If it was a slut, it would be easy.”

And with that in mind, I’ll leave you to it.

Thanks for reading!

I nominate the following bloggers for the 3-day quote challenge:


If you accept the challenge, post 1 quote(or more if you feel like it), for 3 consecutive days, and nominate 3 other bloggers to do the same each day!

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