I Was Nominated For An Award!

So this crazy thing happened a couple of days ago. I was nominated for the Liebster blogger award (apparently)! That’s totally awesome and for that I’d like to thank Discoveringmadras for so kindly doing so.

I’ll leave you with a link to her blog, because you should definitely go check hers out!:)


The Liebster award is kind of like a chain-letter award for bloggers, meaning that once you’ve been nominated it then becomes your turn to nominate other fellow bloggers, (who must have less than 200 followers). It’s a great way to discover smaller blogs and it’s awesome to pass on the great feeling you get when you find out that you’ve been nominated for an award, most likely by someone you don’t even know.

So here are the rules for those of you this award finds its way to:


And now, because I must follow the rules, here are my answers and random facts:

1. What would you say your spirit animal is? Why?

I actually had no clue what a spirit animal is, so I had to google it and I kinda still don’t get it, so I did what I felt like I needed to do: I took a ‘What’s your spirit animal’ test. My result was a buffalo, and I kinda agreed with the explanation, so that’s what I’m gonna go with. It said I was strong and tenacious, and never the type to just sit around the house, (that’s a bit true, I do like working and feeling like I’m accomplishing something). It also said I was stubborn, which I could only nod my head to, I’ve been that way since I was a little girl.

2. What is your favorite literary genre?  Give one book example.

That’s a really tough question to answer so I’m gonna be a rebel and defy the rules. I just love so many different genres and types of books. I will leave you with one example of a book that I absolutely adore though. It’s called ‘I’ll give you the sun’ and it might be the greatest book I’ve ever read, (and I’ve read a shit ton, so that’s actually saying a lot).

3. If you could eat only type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’d have to say fruit. I know that you can’t survive by just eating fruit, but boy I wish you could. It’s just so damn delicious!

4. Describe your blog using 3 words.

Sarcastic, funny and poetic.

5. Are you a homebody or a gypsy at heart?  

I’d love to travel around the world and see everything, (though being realistic I probably won’t even be able to afford a fucking toothbrush when I move out, so how travelling will fit in the picture I’m not quite sure yet…), but I will always return back home.

6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Not anywhere, EVERYWHERE! But if I’m to be serious for a moment and not avoiding the actual question, then I’d have to say Australia or the USA. I’ve never been there and I’d love to see everything it has to show.

7. If you could meet any 5 people in the world (living or not), who would they be?

Because I’m a major fangirl and a rather basic teenage girl my picks won’t exactly be inspiring. I’d pick: Emma Watson (because she’s such an inspiring woman), Mark Miller and Ethan Hethcote (they’re a package deal so I’m only counting them for 1), Jennifer Lawrence (because she’s amazing), Josh Hutcherson (he’s just so darn adorable) and last but not least Dylan O’Brien (because he stole my heart and never gave it back).

8. What is your favorite holiday?

Christmas, mainly because it’s one of the only holidays we really celebrate here in Denmark. And because it’s a lovely time of the year.

9. If you could travel to any time period, when would it be and why?

I’d like to travel to the future, like 300 years or something, only to see if we’ve managed to completely destroy our planet, or if there’s actually hope for us in the future.

10. What is your happiest memory?

I have lots of them and choosing “the happiest of the happiest memories” isn’t really possible. But I can tell you about a random happy memory. When I looked through some old pictures and felt all nostalgic, I realized that my childhood, (though it isn’t quite over yet), was actually really awesome and joyful. That made me happy.

11. When blogging, what is your beverage of choice?

Either water or hot chocolate.

Now the 11 random facts about me:

  1. I’m in love with Nutella
  2. I’m really good at baking
  3. I love working out and being active
  4. I read way too much
  5. Sterek is my ultimate OTP
  6. I have short hair
  7. I hate public transportation
  8. I almost never cry
  9. I have a hard time saying ‘I love you’
  10. I speak Danish (fluently), french (still learning), Deutsch (still learning), English (basically fluently) and Spanish (still learning)
  11. My room is always clean

Here are the blogs I’ve chosen to nominate (I’ll add on until I reach 11):








*Because I’m bad at figuring out websides and stuff, I’ve had some trouble finding out how many followers the bloggers actually had, so if some of them has more than 200 followers, then sorry for breaking the rules (again) ;P

For those of you that I’ve nominated these are the 11 questions I’d like you to answer:

  1. What is your favorite animal?
  2. Describe yourself using 3 words.
  3. Why did you start blogging?
  4. Where do you come from?
  5. What is your favorite article of clothing?
  6. What is your favorite kind of music?
  7. The best book you’ve ever read?
  8. Have you got any fears or phobias?
  9. Name at least one weird thing about you.
  10. How many languages are you able to speak?
  11. What is your biggest dream?

That was it! I’m now gonna head off to discover more blogs so I can add them to the list:)

Have a nice day!

9 thoughts on “I Was Nominated For An Award!

  1. Haha, fruits are like freaking awesome and I have to accept that!
    And I really think you would have a heart attack if you ever entered my room!
    Completely unorganised … you’re not going to find dust and dirt though :p
    And yeah, 300 years later, earth isn’t gonna be destroyed for a super hero will rise ( Pssst I’ll let you in with a little secret, you are reading his comment :p … But he just has to gain super powers though … He will in exactly 16 years 43 days 12 hours 8 minutes and 57 seconds of typing the last letter of this comment)
    So, yeah.. There’s a hope !
    Oh and you should travel to India ( You get toothbrushes cheap here *winks*), you have atleast 3 festivals and holidays in a month! some festivals go upto 15 days too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No actually I won’t, I can take mess in other peoples rooms, just not my own… It’s kinda weird, but you know, I never said I was normal:PCan we be like superheroes together then? Because I was pretty sure I was gonna be the one who saved the Earth;P Sounds amazing! It’s definitely on my travel list! I’ll go there, enjoy everything it has to offer and then when I’ll eventually have to go back, I’ll buy a ton of toothbrushes to bring with me:P

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha sure thing! I hereby authorise you the security and safety of Europe and Americas while I take care of Asia pacific and Africa! And when times are tough We can fight together firing tootbrush missiles towards all the villains! :p
        Anyways, the answers were great! And I love Nutella too!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Why am I always late? I am always the last to find out about the cool stuff(you). Anyway, though I’m late, I’m glad I’m here cuz you’re amazing.


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