Silent Screams In The Night

“Hands wandering 

To places I don’t approve off

Hands still roaming

Even when I tell them to stop


Silent screams in the night

Muffled by your fist

A stranger walking by

Pretending this isn’t real


Trying to wash you off

But I still feel everything

I can’t sleep tonight

And maybe I never will


Marks on my body

Places nobody can see

A smile on my face

Even though it’s not real


Scarred for life

I still feel your touch

Scared forever as well

To walk in the dark


You still hunt in the night

Have never been caught

I hope you drop dead

Before you tear out the next girls heart”


3 thoughts on “Silent Screams In The Night

  1. Real or not real? I was too modified to believe this much disrespect for the human spirit still exists. The poem definitely touched a nerve. It is my hope that the writing of it helped to dissolve some of the distrust an incident such as this dredges up. Highest and Best!


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