Palmeras En La Nieve

palmeras_en_la_nieve-535926239-largePalmeras en la nieve, also known as Palm Trees in the Snow, is an utterly heartbreaking movie and you MUST watch it. (You know if you like pain, tears and torturing yourself).

I personally do not like pain and I hate crying, so I don’t really know how I thought watching it would be a good idea. But I did so nonetheless  and I think it’s fair to say that I was a wreak last night. All because of some goddamn movie!

I don’t think I have ever cried that much to a movie. It was pathetic, really, and kinda sad…

But I will not be embarrassed by it! If people watch it and are able to get through every single minute without crying, (and there’s 165 of them), I will be impressed, but also scared for them. They might be heartless, (and I mean that in the literal way, though that wouldn’t be possible unless they were dead, so in the figurative way then:P).

The story is amazing, the actors incredibly talented and the movie beautifully shot and edited. As a plus it’s also in spanish, and I love spanish, so for me it was kinda perfect. It’s also very historical, which made it even more interesting.

So if you feel like using about 2 hours and 45 minutes of your life in tears, (or on the verge of them), then this is the perfect movie for you!

And if you’re not a sobbing, teary mess by the end of it, please talk to someone about your inability to feel pain and sorrow. I will, for one, be happy to listen to your problems 😉

Also, to your information I put the crying emoji as the featured image because that was basically me throughout the entire movie. #ImOnlyALittleBitAshamed 😛

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