An Upcoming Adventure


Wow, I just had to get that off my chest, since I’m like still really overwhelmed πŸ˜› Now you’re probably just like ‘whuuut…’, but don’t worry I’ll explain.

In the municipality where I live there has been a competition each year, for about 3 years now, where you get the chance to win a 2 week-long trip to China. The reason it’s possible is because we cooperate with a city in China and are what we call “Friend Cities”. That opens up the possibility of sending students abroad and welcoming Chinese students to our country as well.

This year you had to write a paper about the Β 17 sustainable development goals, and those you thought were most important, (in English). This years assignment was a lot more difficult, than the one that was given last year. All 8th graders in the municipality can participate, and I really wanted to, so I did. I definitely felt the pressure, since my sister won last year and I just wanted to go so badly. I then wrote a killer essay, (if I do say so myself), and sent it in. Now all I had to do was wait.

A month or so passed and I forgot a bit about it, until we were informed that the winners would be announced on June 2nd at the town hall, with the major and all that jazz.

I was nerve wracking to sit through the majors speech, while all I wanted to do was just know if I had won or lost.

When he then said my name out loud I couldn’t belive it and I almost stumbled up on my way to get my diploma. But the fact, that I am one of the 8 students out of 200 who’s going to China this September, isn’t even the best part, because you know what?


The impossible thing actually happened and I’m feeling beyond blessed and thankful.

I can’t wait to see China, live with a Chinese family, visit a school, see the Great Wall of China and much more!

I’m pretty sure it’ll be some of the greatest weeks of my life! πŸ˜€

Have any of you ever been there? If so, please tell me about it! I’d love to hear your stories:)

21 thoughts on “An Upcoming Adventure

  1. China is the most amazing place to wander around and get lost in all the characters and people. Just make sure you stuff your phone with translation apps, maps (googlemaps won’t work), and never ever leave your hotel room without at least 2 business cards with the address on it, just in case you get lost. And just smile, smile a lot.

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  2. So you’re like 13 if you’re in 8th grade, when I was that age, I was lucky if our school arranged a trip off grounds, let alone in another country πŸ˜€


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