Yet Another Tragedy

On 11 June the world lost yet another talented artist and inhabitant on this planet called Earth.

Some of you might’ve heard that Christina Grimmie got shot while signing autographs,(for a reason still unknown), by some stupid son of a bitch. She was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately she didn’t make it.

It’s not because I was her biggest fan or something, though I really did enjoy her music and voice, but it’s just the fact that she’s fucking dead, gone, that shocks me.
And like, why the fuck did she have to get shot? It’s just not fair and I don’t get it.

America does a lot of stuff right, but I really think that one of the things I hate most about the states, is how easy and LEGAL it is for people to purchase guns. Of course I get the whole ‘wanting to feel safe and protect themselves thing’ and stuff like that, but isn’t it sick and frankly a bit sad, that people feel like they need to get a goddanm weapon to attain that. Then there’s really just too much evil in the world.

My thoughts go out to all of the family she left behind and I hope they have the strength to overcome this.

May you rest in peace Christina and thank you for sharing your incredible talent with the world while you still could. (I don’t know why I’m phrasing it like she’s still alive and reading this, but you know, it feels right).

4 thoughts on “Yet Another Tragedy

  1. Its so tragic, how selfish to take another persons life. In Australia, all guns were confiscated many years ago, i think this would be a good move for America… there would be no need for protection if noone had guns! A great read. Thankyou for sharing this x

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  2. The fact that American people are allowed to own and use guns are leading to way too many serious problems that need to be solved right now. Innocent people are dying, maybe just because their lovers are mad at them. This is terrible. We should get rid of this together. Thank you so much for sharing your anger and disbelief with us ❤️. The world needs more people like you.

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