Everything’s Just Cool With You

I made a friend, like an actual person-friend, and I don’t know how.
It’s not because I’m some horrendous bitch, or I think I’m not worthy of love or something equally as sad, it’s just unusual for me.
I deal with a bit of anxietey especially when it comes to meeting new people, so I’m really awkward and I get borderline panicky when I have to do something that involves me + engaging in conversation + people I don’t know.

When I got a Facebook friend request from a girl I used to do this writing class with I was rather shocked to be honest. Mostly because I thought she straight up wouldn’t remember me and I just thought she seemed so sophisticated and cool, while I felt constantly red-faced and uncomfortable.

She reached out though and we got to messaging each other a bit, to texting each other constantly, (like it’s taking me ages to write this post because we keep texting), and ending up, not even a day after re-establishing contact, to agree to meet up a few days later.
I don’t know why, but we just clicked and I didn’t even freak out that much after agreeing to hang out with her.
It was actually rather nice.

The actual “hanging out” part went surprisingly well too and we’re actually meeting up again next Wednesday, this time at my place.
So yay! Go me, (some people might find it weird, but I’m oddly proud of myself).

Also, before I stop word-vomiting on you I’m gonna tell you some more random shit. We have this thing when we text, (and we’ve only been texting for about 5 days…), where we write ‘cool’ to each other. Like 10 times or something. I don’t even know how it started, but now we sure don’t know how to stop:P
It’s like:
Me: That sounds fun!
Her: Cool
Me: Cool…
Her: Cool…
(And so on, I think you get the picture)

It’s weird, but I love it.
Everything’s just cool with her.

28 thoughts on “Everything’s Just Cool With You

  1. Yeah for you! I totally get how hard it is to make new friends. I don’t have many RL friends. I find it not only hard to talk to people, but to also trust people. Most of my friends are the friends I made in college. Be proud of every little step you take no matter what it is 🙂

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  2. I have to deal with social anxiety too. I’ve touched on it slightly in a post I am currently writing. Good for you for making a new friend! I really like your writing, it’s pretty “cool”. Keep it up 🙂

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