All The Stories That Weren’t Mine

The library became my safe place. Surrounded by all the stories that weren’t mine I felt at ease. The only thing able to bring my mood down, was this dream of mine, slowly killing me.
The pages around me were filled with all the words and sentences I couldn’t write myself, and it was torturous.
The thing I loved the most had turned into my enemy, but still I was unable to let it go. It was my own fault, so I could blame no one but myself.
I’d given up on the dream that could’ve turned to reality and was now mourning in the comfort of everyone else’s words.
So day after day I kept returning, even though it was a painful reminder of all of my broken dreams…
The place I once felt safe in, I now couldn’t seem to escape.
Like I was living in a nightmare, and I wouldn’t wake up ever again. 

So I wrote something, (what a dumb statement, really). Inspired by my own thoughts but kinda story-like in some way, (since I actually don’t spend THAT much time at the library… Only a little bit ;P).

Anyways… Hope you like it!


8 thoughts on “All The Stories That Weren’t Mine

  1. That’s really good, and libraries are good, in my five years in my high school, I basically read through the whole of the fiction in the school library 😀

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  2. I spend a lot of time at the library myself. It’s one of those places where I do feel safe. I just wish my library had more comfortable seating though I guess it’s good they don’t or I would probably spend way too much time there. I am very thankful for my library. Without it, I wouldn’t get to read 75% of the books I read every year. That would definitely be a nightmare if my feelings for the library changed though I get the frustration sometimes of standing there and looking at all those stories that other people wrote and being unable to come up with one of my own. Those are the times when I find a middle grade or YA book and take myself back to the stories that got me reading and writing in the first place, put myself back into the imagination that can see all the possibilities, all the realities, all the unrealities, etc. and that usually frees my mind enough to at least start writing again. Thanks for the lovely post!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! It always makes my day:D
      The library is definitely also the main place I get my books from! It’s also the space I started discovering the wonders of books, so it’s also a very nostalgic place for me to go:)

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