Friday Night Drinking Games And A Poop-Filled Saturday

Who knew that alcohol makes you poop a lot? I mean, maybe some of you guys are a bit more experienced alcohol consumers, so you might’ve known it, but I sure as hell didn’t.
And now you’re probably like; “wtf that girl talking ’bout?”, and all I have to say to that is, yeah I’m gonna be talking about poop and alcohol, so if that makes you uncomfortable, I’d advise you to stop reading.
If not, please do continue.

Here comes the story, (this post is not entirely about the matter of my body’s stool).
So on Friday the 24th I went out with some of my friends, and by ‘went out’ I mean that what basically happened was a bunch of 14-15 year olds met up and then sat outside drinking, killing brain cells and bonding over the fact that school was out for the summer.
I had fun, got a little drunk, (it was the first time I’d drunk that much, and I was definitely feeling it), and the following day I felt surprisingly fine and only a bit tired.
Sure, I’d said some stupid shit and shown off a completely different side of me, that my so-called friends, or shall I call them classmates, had never seen before, but I didn’t regret anything.

(Also before I continue with this enthralling story, it might be worth mentioning that we didn’t do anything illegal, or at least I didn’t. In my country it’s legal to drink whenever you like, you just can’t buy alcohol till you’re 16, and then you can only buy stuff with a percentage lower than 16,5 %, and if you want to buy vodka and stuff with a percentage higher than that you have to be 18.
My parents had even granted me permission, so it wasn’t like I was sneaking around or anything:P)

And now that we’ve established that, back to the story:
Since we’d all had a great time, we decided to repeat the success the following Friday, aka last Friday Night.
This time only 3 people were able to come, (including me), so it was kinda awkward but somehow we made it work anyways. (Probably because of the vodka one of the guys brought…). All we really did was sit outside, playing a drinking game with an app we’d downloaded, just chilling and having fun.
When I had to go home, (my curfew was at 1 am), I told the others to go home as well. Or I said that I’d walk them home, since I didn’t quite trust that they’d make it on their own.
So even though I was kinda drunk, I was still conscious enough to make responsible decisions. I’m oddly proud of myself for that.

Before I end this weird post let me just tell you one thing.
Vodka is a bitch and it fucks your stomach up. (Or maybe it’s just alcohol in general… I’m not that experienced of a drinker, so honestly I don’t know ).
Whenever in doubt google it! (Which I’ll probably do after I’ve published this).

And now you may continue having a great day/ night/ life!

10 thoughts on “Friday Night Drinking Games And A Poop-Filled Saturday

  1. I would give you advice but as I have never had anything more than a sip of alcohol, I will advise you to not get too used to alcohol, 3 of my friends and a guy I don’t like got drunk in a field the Saturday before their GCSE exams which started on Monday because they ‘hadn’t had a drink for a while’, do not be those people 😀


    1. Well that’s also just stupid! 😛 Two girls in my class are also “those people” they drink almost all the time, even when they’re alone, (which I don’t really see the point in), and I definitely won’t become that.
      But thanks for the advice! 🙂

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