Getting Norma

Last Sunday my family and I went to pick up our new family member. The cutest puppy in the entire world now belongs to us and I’m ecstatic about it! (I mean come on, just look at her once and I promise you you’ll fall in love<3)

Meet Norma!

I’ve always wanted a dog and now the dream has come true.

Her name is Norma and she’s named after one of the nicest and lovable people we’ve met. My dad’s grandmother has always meant a lot to us, but especially to him, so we saw it as a matter of course that the new puppy would be named after her.
The only reason we even got her, was because some of our friends were having puppies, (or you know, their dog was having them), and we just kinda saw that as the perfect opportunity.
My dad wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea because he was thinking about all the practicalities, but in the end my mom got the final say on the matter:P
And though we’ve only known her for about 8 weeks and had her in our home for 3 days, I think my dad has come around.
It’s just so fucking hard to resist all that puppy cuteness;P

The next step will be to raise her properly and give her some good habits.
I really hope we succeed with that…
But in the end we’ll probably love her anyways,ย no matter what.

7 thoughts on “Getting Norma

  1. Your new puppy is so cute! I miss having dogs. We live in an apartment building that doesn’t allow dogs and have decided the next time we move, it has to be somewhere that allows dogs. (hopefully our own house fingers crossed.) Enjoy the puppy love. They grow up so fast ๐Ÿ™‚

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