The Sea Will Be Calm Too

So while I was writing another blog post, I was searching for a picture that would fit as the featured image, and I stumbled upon this quote:

“Missing you comes in waves. Tonight I’m drowning”

I’ve heard it and fallen in love with it once before and it has now happened again.

I don’t now the origin of it, if it’s from a song, a book etc, I just know that there’s something about it that makes me really, really like it.
It’s just so honest, relatable and sad.

It makes me contemplate stuff and I get the urge to write a sad song, (and I would if my song writing skills weren’t so terrible, trust me, I’ve tried…), write a poem or just listen to some depressing music.
I’d really like to never feel like that in my life, to feel like I’m drowning in sorrow, but I don’t think there’s any way around it.
Missing people and dealing with that feeling is just another part of living.

If any of you has heard the quote before, or knows where it’s from, please let me know!

Right now all my thoughts go out to all of those affected by the tragic events in Nice, Turkey, Dallas, Orlando, and everywhere else tragedy has struck.
Out there there’s a lot of people who’ll always miss someone.

If you read this and you miss someone too, just remember that you won’t always be drowning. The sea will be calm too.

13 thoughts on “The Sea Will Be Calm Too

    1. Thank you! Luckily for me most of my grandparents are still alive, though they sadly won’t be forever…
      Overcoming loss is, I think, one of the greatest accomplishments ever, and I have a huge amount of respect for people who do it.


  1. Hey — really enjoy the quote.

    I’m also curious, what kind of software did you use to get the — oh dear I just looked outside and it’s suddenly pouring and it’s also sunny.

    Anyway, what kind of software did you use to cover the picture with text? It looks fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If there’s not a rainbow outside right now, there must be something wrong with the weather:P
      And honestly I’m a bit of a crime rider, I just googled the quote and picked the picture I liked the best… I’m not really that great at picture editing:P


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