100 FOLLOWERS! (And Changes)

A pretty incredible thing happened the other day guys.
Thanks a lot to all of you out there, it literally would not have happened without you, so thank you<3
I can now say with pride that this is the most followers I have ever had on any social media platform, (and I used to be pretty hardcore on Instagram).

I’ve had this blog since March, so I honestly think I did a pretty good job! There’s nothing like a bad sense of humor that lures people in;)
I really love it here and I’ve found that it’s an excellent place for me to just write my thoughts down.
I’ll be continuing 100 % with just not giving a damn, and writing whatever the hell I want, since it’s been working pretty well for me:)

For a long time I’ve wanted to change things up a bit here on my, now almost famous blog, (I’m obviously kidding about the ‘almost famous’ part), and I told myself I’d do when I hit a 100 followers.
I guess I’ll have to do it now then…(Damn it! I really suck at computer stuff, so that’s why I’ve been putting it off:P)
Oh well, I’ll just have to bug my sister until she agrees to help me then.

When I say “changes” I don’t mean anything too drastic, but I’d like to just make a few adjustments. I’ll probably add some more categories, so it’s not like 50 “uncategorized” posts;) Maybe I’ll even add an “award” category, ’cause that wouldn’t be pretentious and/or presumptuous at all.
And if I figure out what “pages” mean, I’ll think about adding some of those too;P (Or some menus?)
Am I the only one foreseeing how badly this is probably gonna go? If not, I admire your faith in me.

But no matter how much I’m probably gonna fuck this up, I’d really like to get your opinions about the changes you guys would like to see on here and feedback as to how I can make it look just a teeny tiny bit better:)

So please don’t feel shy about commenting what you think, I’d really love to hear it!

I might’ve started this blog for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t value your opinions either:)

Any feedback would be very much appreciated!
Again, thanks a lot for helping me reach those 100 followers.
It truly does mean a lot:D

10 thoughts on “100 FOLLOWERS! (And Changes)

  1. When I hit 50 followers last month, I posted about how I wanted to take my blog in a new direction. How I wanted to write about issues I feel are important to me. I’m working on that. Know that it takes time to make adjustments to your blog and at the end of the day, it’s all about what you want. Congrats on 100 followers by the way.

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