Trying To Make A Dream Come True (Starting A Fundraiser)

Since I was about 10 or 11 years old one of my biggest dreams have been to live abroad for a year as an exchange student.
I don’t really know why but I’ve always had this longing to travel, learn a new language, meet new people and be a part of a different world.
For some reason the thought of being away from everything I’m used to and know appeals to me.

It’s been this huge dream of mine and I started saving up for it when I was 12, my heart completely set on going to the States.
Along the way I started doing my research and I got wiser. Unfortunately that also meant that I almost gave up on my dream a couple of times.
To put it simply, money got in the way. (Or more accurately the lack thereof). Suddenly what I so fiercely wanted seemed so far out of reach, that giving up seemed like the option that wouldn’t hurt.

Having to save up 70-80 THOUSAND DKK, (around 10.350 – 11.820 dollars), as a 13 year old, (who btw weren’t old enough to get a job), was just impossible.
I stayed naively positive though, trying to believe that I’d make it, though my common sense told me I wouldn’t.

Then, not so long ago, something changed and I realised if I really wanted to make it happen, I’d have to figure out a way to do it.

dream2The first painful step in the process was to change the destination. Choosing another country shaved a lot of numbers of the amount I’d have to save up, so even though I preferred USA I could see that it came down to going or not going at all.


You can probably all guess which option I chose.

Fast forwarding to the present, right now the future is looking pretty bright.
I know that I’m gonna go. My parents helped me work it out to make sure I would. (Even if it means they’ll have to loan me some money from my child savings account). My granddad has promised to donate around 10.000 DKK, (1500 dollars), and I’m working my butt off babysitting, cleaning for people, running my business with my sister and doing chores.
The goal is almost in sight and I finally feel like I’m making a dream of mine come true.

I still have to apply for loads of scholarships and see if there exists any funds that helps people in similar situations.
I also started a fundraiser, ’cause I thought why not? The worst thing that could happen was that no one donated, and I’m not really counting on anyone doing so, so it wouldn’t be too big of a let down.
Even a little bit would go a long way, since that would mean I either didn’t have to loan the money, or had to spent every waking second figuring out how to earn it.

So if any of you are feeling especially generous today, or you simply just feel like helping me make my dream come true, then please don’t hesitate to do so!
It would really mean a lot to me.

I can’t give you a good reason besides everything I just wrote, as to why you should support my cause, when there are people out there dying from terrible diseases, or homeless people needing your help too. (Probably even more).
I don’t have a depressing sob story that can appeal to people’s consciences. And I don’t wish I had. (Nobody wants be dying or homeless).

All I can do is leave you with the link and hope for the best:)

My fundraiser (*Note made 1/31/17. If you press the link it won’t take you to the fundraiser since I’ve deleted that, which you’ll probably know if you’ve read this post. I just thought I’d still leave this post as it was, since it gives you a greater idea of who I am).

Uh and btw, by doing so I’m also announcing my otherwise almost anonymous identity to you, so you could, in fact, go Facebook stalk me now if you felt like it:P (Not that I’m saying that you should).
And yes, that is me in the picture. (You’ll see if you click the link).

Have a day! (I don’t want to pressure you into thinking that you have to have a nice one, but I hope that you do).

I can’t wait to go and share my experiences with you guys!

9 thoughts on “Trying To Make A Dream Come True (Starting A Fundraiser)

  1. What program do you intend to go through? I’m going to France throught the Rotary Youth Exchange Program and it only cost $5000 and I got a scholarship so it was even less. It’s a great program that really cares about you! I highly recommend looking into it 😊


    1. I’m going with an organisation called ‘afs’ and I’ll be going to France too! I’ve already looked into Rotary, and it was much cheaper but the only destinations I could choose between were all outside of Europe, and I really want to go to France:) The program I’ve chosen now is not as cheap, but it’s by far one of the cheapest programs I’ve found and I’ve looked into a looot:P


      1. ahh I see… it sounded like you would go anywhere in your post, i supposed i misinterpreted. AFS is a good program too though. I have family who is very involved in their program.

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