Straight Outta Oz

You might not know this, but I’m obsessed with Todrick Hall. You might also not know who he is, which is sad, but fair enough.

Once, I stumbled upon one of his videos on YouTube and for the next several hours he had my attention.
He’s an amazing singer, songwriter and performer. He also might be one of the most creative and inspiring people I know. (Or at least feel like I know. Unfortunately I don’t personally know him).

Then one day, (#storytime:P), I was chilling in my livingroom, dicking around on YouTube, when I saw he’d uploaded a new video. A video that was 57 minutes and 36 seconds long. I didn’t hesitate to click play and in my excitement I might actually have squealed and/or said “OMG” to many times to count… (Luckily for me I was home alone).

The video is called “Straight Outta OZ” and it’s pure perfection. It’s like an entire album with belonging videos and voiceover, so you also get kind of like a musical vibe from it.
The songs are amazing, funny, honest and catchy as hell! His talent is out of this world and I’m so insanely impressed that he’s been able to put all that together, (with the help of his trusty crew I presume).

If you get the chance you should really go find the video and watch it. Watch it many times. Also, if you live in the States, you can go to one of his shows :O (I’m only slightly jealous of you americans).
Todrick, what’s wrong with Europe?:P

So yeah, that was it. I basically just gushed about Todrick. That was what this post was about. I have accepted it and I hope you can too;)


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