A Great Idea

Guys! (Do you get offended when I call you ‘guys’ even though you’re also girls? I took a feminist quiz earlier and that was a question. Sorry, got sidetracked for a second there…)

My best friend got the greatest idea ever, (or maybe I got the idea, hon
estly I don’t remember). Anyways, that’s not the point.

ideaThe point is that I’m really excited because the idea we got, is gonna make me want to write again. Not even that really, it’s already making me want to put pen to paper, or tap away at my keyboard and for the first time in around a year I will be opening a new document and actually be putting words in it.

The idea came to life because I mentioned something about the fanfics I’d written in the past, and she really wished she was as into the fandom as me, so she’d be able to read them and actually understand them too.
Then I was like, ‘I can write a story for you if you’d like”, and as the great friend and supporter she is, she loved the idea.
I personally thought, (and still think), it would be a great way for me to get back into writing other things than blog posts. (Not that I’ll stop blogging. Don’t worry)
So I proposed to her that I’d write her one story a month, which is not that much if I think about that last year I wrote a fanfic, at around 2k words, everyday in December.

So this should be doable.

I’m finally feeling inspired and motivated again and I literally can’t wait to get started.
I have no clue what the first story is gonna be about yet, but I’ll figure something out.

Maybe I’ll start using some of all the ideas I’ve gotten, but just haven’t done anything with yet.

I feel like this is a start of something, that could possibly make me feel a lot better about myself and my writing skills, (I hope they’re still there).

If I decide to write some of them in English, I’ll probably post them onto here as well, or maybe even translate them from Danish if I’m feeling especially good about a story:)

If any of you have a sentence that could be the start of my story, do make sure to leave a comment with it. Sometimes it’s a bit easier to get started when you know what the story has to start with and then you can continue from there.

This post really wasn’t meant to be long, but there I went. You’re probably used to my rambling by now, so I won’t make a big deal out of apologising to you. (Especially because I’m not sorry).

Also, the last thing before I leave you to it, have you noticed some of the changes I’ve made on the blog? Do you like it?

I personally think the “Please love me” button is hilarious. And stupid, but in a funny way:P

mjaxmy1hywi2ndziogi2ywfjmgy5                                       what-if-i-think-im-funny-and-witty-275If those pictures did not make you smile even a little bit, I’m not sure you’re following the right blog. But don’t unfollow, ’cause I need your love and approval to feel worthy. Lol jk. Though I do like you guys/girls

24 thoughts on “A Great Idea

  1. I do the ‘guys’ thing all the time and it never bothers me. It’s like Italian ‘ragazzi’ in my head, just a collective term. There are much bigger battles to be fought as far as equality is concerned!

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  2. I think it’s a great idea! and lol, the memes/pictures at the end haha. Oh and the ‘guys’ thing, it doesn’t bother me, I feel like saying “hey guys” is just the same as saying “hey people” only with a less awkward sound to it ;p

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    1. Gaaah another comment I apparently haven’t approved…! Jesus, it’s really not my day today:P I’m sorry for the late reply, it’s really not to be rude, I’m just unlucky. But a very late thanks for your comment and thoughts xx Exactly! “hey people” would just be weird 😛


  3. The instant word ‘guys’ coming from everyone’s mouth and you made me think about it for the first time…. I’m sure on the right blog!
    This post is so relatable…. I too have a sudden epiphany about something to write… And just hope it turns into a great idea : )
    Do keep writing…. Love your posts!

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