Exciting News!

So in this last week a lot of exciting stuff has been happening, and I’ve been completely swamped with going back to school, work and trying to get back into the routine of actually having something to do:P

First of all, I found out when I’ll be going to China! It’ll be from 11th September, (I’m a bit spooked to be flying there, but I’ll survive, hopefully…), to the 25th September.
I’m really freaking looking forward to it.
This year is really gonna be great travel-wise.
We didn’t go abroad in the summer vacation, but I’m going to China soon, my family and I are going to London in the fall AND in the winter we’ll be going skiing in Sweden as we do every year, (or every year we can afford it). I can’t wait to get back on my snowboard!
So yeah, I’m really not complaining.

The second exciting thing that’s happened is that I finally wrote and sent my application to the exchange program I’ll hopefully be going with next year.
The deadline was in January at the latest, but I kinda panicked and thought “fuck, what if they’re not gonna accept me, because they can’t place me in the country I want to live in?”
That led to me just thinking, fuck it I’m gonna do it right now.
Now it’s done, the application is sent and I can’t get it back. IΒ just really hope that they’ll accept me and that I get my first country priority.
I chose France as number 1, Spain as number 2 and Iceland as number 3.
If I can’t go to France, going to Spain or Iceland wouldn’t be the worst.
As long as I go, I don’t really care where.

The last awesome thing that happened, has something to do withΒ the app my family created.


It’s a children’s play app and we’re really passionate about it since all our money, time and effort has gone into creating it. So when it got nominated for an award, ‘The years best childrens app’, we almost couldn’t believe it.
Now we’re trying our best to get people to vote for us, so that when the award show takes place in November, we’ll hopefully be leaving with a price.


Actually, that wasn’t the last thing when I think about it. I also bought the entire Harry Potter collection, (cuz they were seriously cheap), and they just arrived today! They’re so fucking pretty I can’t even.

Look at these beauties

I’ve never read them before, I only listened to them as an audio book when I was younger, and when we go to London we really want to visit the Harry Potter world, so I want to be prepared.
My only problem is that there isn’t room enough on my bookshelf…
The struggle of a bookworm.

That was a little something about what’s going on in my life at the moment, so I hope you found that little insight at least a bit entertaining;P

I’m about to add an About page and stuff, so some more small changes to my blog will probably be up in the next week or so:) (Or at least I’d like them too:P)

Is anything exciting happening in your life right now? If so, please share it with me!

Bye guys.

20 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. The Harry Potter studio tour is absolutely amazing! I won’t spoil it by telling you anything specific but if you’re a fan you will adore it. From the really exciting way they let you in right to when you leave through the best gift shop ever, it’s awesome.

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  2. I am jealous of you and excited for you reading Harry Potter for the first time – I hope you really like them! They literally sum up my childhood πŸ™‚

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    1. I just started reading the first one yesterday! I’ll be reading them aloud to my mother, so we’ll have like a daily storytime thing:) So nostalgic for me, since she always used to read to me when I was younger and now the roles are reversed.

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  3. London is fabulous! I’d definitely recommend going to Liberties instead of Harrods (it’s a better representation of everything British) and taking a walk down Southbank, Carnaby Street and Chelsea/Mayfair/Knightsbridge! There are tons of other things to do in London and if you need a hand figuring stuff out let me know! (I live just north of London so frequent it quite often!)

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  4. Such a positive news, I would choose Iceland as number one :)!
    Well it’s finally summer in Belguim, oh god we waited 2 months for this weather! Only thing is, I have an exame on monday, so I’m studying inside. Crap πŸ˜€

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          1. Yeah in Belguim they have no school from 1 july – 31 august. And if you follow school in university you have no school from 1 july – tirth week september πŸ™‚ but. We do have exams in august if we don’t pass during the year. (Snap, that’s what I am doing during the moment). Yeah I think it is pretty expencive! Have fun there! πŸ˜€

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  5. I love the blog, the content, the name, the niche. Your enthusiasm is quite contagious and it’s adorable. I’ve the Harry Potter collection too, in Albanian though. Please stop by my blog if you feel like it πŸ™‚

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