A Sentence Is All I’ve Got

Am I the only one who sometimes comes up with a great sentence that could be incorporated in like a story or something, but you can’t figure out how to write that said story, so you just have a note full of random sentences?
Oh, you don’t do that?
Guess it’s just me then.

Anyways, today I felt like sharing some of those tiny ghosts of ideas with you guys.
So here it goes…

There’s this one:
“The imperfections stand out like scars on my body”

This one:
“She spent her life spewing hatred, she forgot to listen to love”

And oh look at that, one more!
“She was afraid of the dark so she spent her life chasing the sun”

I don’t even know what this is:
“We didn’t know we were breaking”

Don’t ask me about this:
“Then he crashed into the wall and finally felt free”

And lastly there’s this:
“We got a little bit too close to something a little bit too real”

Yay, go me! I can write sentences. I’m just so very talented.

17 thoughts on “A Sentence Is All I’ve Got

  1. I literally have more sentences and random OC’s than story ideas. Now I’m trying to merge those things together so I can finally write a novel. I really want to write one.


      1. Don’t tell anyone but this morning I think I just figured out what kind of a book I can ACTUALLY write. But I’m going to keep it under wraps for now because it’s such a bare and loose idea and I’m not sure if I can honor it yet. But I will see!

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          1. No worries I have a tendency to throw up mine at any given opportunity as well. But that’s how I’ve found a lot of solutions as well. I think, at one point, you find something you love enough that your insecurities and inner perfectionist can’t touch it. You refuse to let them because you love it so much and you want to protect it. For me that’s writing.

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            1. For me that’s writing as well and I’m really fighting hard to not let myself ruin it. I don’t think I would ever be able to forgive myself if I did.
              For me, writing a shitty novel would be better than writing nothing at all, ’cause then I would’ve at least won one battle against myself.

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  2. Hahahahaha this is the phenomena that led to me naming my blog scattered sentences lol because honestly that’s all my thoughts are these days ::P
    I really like the last one.
    And the first one.
    And the ones in the middle.

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