So Dramatic

I just found something I’ve written a while ago and I don’t really know if I like it or not. (Not that I usually like what I write, but I tend to know if I completely hate it or if I think it’s alright-ish).
With this I can’t make up my mind though.

It’s not really a story, it’s kind of like a part of a story, (that I of course haven’t written), and I really don’t know why I decided to write this one day.
It’s unbelievably dramatic to the point where I personally cringe a lot and start hating myself. (Kim K is me speaking to myself:P). At the same time I kinda like that overly dramatic vibe though, so really I’m just confusing myself:P

I’m gonna share it with you awesome people, and then maybe you can help me figure out how to feel about it.

Here it goes:

Then suddenly she was gone. Leaving behind a broken family, broken hearts and all of her dreams.
It was like the town itself was crying, tears threatening to wash away the last remains of her. The memory of her hurt so bad they’d even considered just erasing them all, but knew that would only result in more broken hearts soon littering the streets and devastation flooding houses.
They didn’t want the city to disappear like the Atlantis, fearing she would become a myth, a story, not even a memory ’cause the people who remembered her had drowned with it.
Dying had been part of her future, it was a part of everyone’s future. He’d just made sure it was her present.
She hadn’t been giving a choice, so they made sure they had one. Even if it was just between living and surviving. Somehow that just still didn’t make them feel any better.
It was too late. Their hearts were already broken, the seasons had changed and life went on. Soon that summer was just a faint memory.
They weren’t good with goodbyes though, so no one ever forgot her.

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