Good People?

Guys. There is more drama and this time it’s actually in real life.
So if you don’t mind I’m gonna tell you the tale of my idiotic classmates.

I have never really been the center of drama in my school and I have never myself sought out to be a part of it either. It’s just not really my thing, and why spend your time doing something so pointless when you could spent it reading or something else instead?
Personally I’d rather read.

The thing is that for a long time I’ve known and felt that my class situation has been shit. My three friends and I have started to be excluded from hangouts, I’ve heard people saying mean things about them behind their backs and we’ve been straight up ignored. While that’s not entirely comfortable for us to say the least, the remaining classmates have all been pretending, or really just trying to convince themselves that it isn’t just as bad as direct bullying.

Long story short, I’ve really started to resent the people I’ve spent approximately 9 years of my life with and still have to spent more than 3 months with almost every day.
I’d kinda just accepted the situation, since their friendship wasn’t exactly the most precious to me after all the stuff I’d heard them say and the things they’d done, or hadn’t done. (Not doing anything is just as bad in my opinion).
I’d decided to just ride it out since it wasn’t like I was completely alone. My best friend was still as amazing as ever and she’d been strong enough to hold on to herself and not compromise her own values and beliefs, just so she could fit in and be “cool”.

That all changed when I found out that everyone in the class were invited to a party except us four. We’re only 17 in my class so you can see why that pissed us off. It was like that was the final drop that made the cup spill over. I went home that day and ranted to my mother, which resulted in her sending a mail to all of my classmates’ parents and the teachers.
I’m happy that she did so. It was better that everyone knew what we felt and what had been/was still happening.
This wasn’t a snitching situation, this was just us telling the truth, or at least how we saw it.
Personally it hadn’t been that bad for me, it had been my own choice to not be like the others and stand up for the people I knew were my friends. That’s also why I wanted to take action. Because it was my friends who were being treated the most like shit.

It all resulted in the biggest drama the next day in class, with not just one but two big talks with the teachers and students. I was pissed and disappointed, so was my best friend. My other friend broke down crying, which I’m really proud at her for.

We talked about it, but it never felt like they truly understood. They made it seem like it was about the party, though I’d said 10 times that that wasn’t the main point. We’re supposed to try to fix it now so that our last year together can be great. Honestly I just don’t have that much faith in that idea.
For me it’s just a matter of how many out of the remaining 13, will try to open their eyes more and stop being so goddamn selfish.
I know that at least a few have been affected by it and have been listening and understanding us.
Deep down I know that they’re mostly all good people, sometimes I just seems like they don’t want us to know that.

(But like srsly, you should have heard some of the things they said to defend themselves or make it seem like it was no big deal. I had such a hard time containing my laughter, when they started saying stupid shit:P)

So yeah. I get back from China and only 3 days later this shit goes down. It’s been a very eventful couple of months to say the least.

28 thoughts on “Good People?

  1. Lol, damn am I glad high school is done with. xD Mind you, you’ll experience a fair amount of cliqueism throughout your life. It doesn’t get so immature every again though. It seems that you and your friends are more mature than your classmates, at this point. Nothing wrong with that. Having clarity of thought might be a little troublesome sometimes, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.



  2. School sucks sometimes 😦 But hang in there! My high school life was riddled with bullying and rumors and crappy things like the situation you described above. When I went to college, things got so, so much better. Just be yourself, and don’t give up. Hang in there!!

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