I Have A Mission

First off, I just wanted to let you know that it’s my birthday tomorrow. 15 here I come! My best friend and sister have both been taunting me with how awesome their present is, so now I’m really excited to see them:P
We won’t be throwing my birthday party tomorrow, we’ll do that on Friday instead. Then all my family members will come and we’ll eat dinner and cake together.
Tomorrow I’ll just eat breakfast with my parents and siblings, I’ll go to school, then work, then to my french class and then for dinner I’ll eat sushi at a restaurant with my family.
I’m really looking forward to it since sushi is my favorite food:D

Now that I’ve said that I thought I’d tell you about the little mission I’m on.

Our fall break begins on Friday and lasts for a week, and I’m going with my family to London from Monday to Thursday. While we’re there we’re going to visit the HARRY POTTER WORLD!! I’m soooo excited.
My little mission is now that I have to have read all the Harry Potter books before Monday afternoon. If you remember from one of my previous posts I’ve bought the collection, but I didn’t start reading them immediately when I got them. Looking back I probably should have, ’cause I’m only about halfway through number 4…:P
I’ve calculated that I need to read around 315 ish pages a day to complete my “mission”. That probably sounds doable, but with my schedule right now, it’s looking preeety tight. (Almost impossible, hehe. ‘Featured image’ reference right there)
I mostly have time after 10 pm. But who needs sleep anyway right? Heh… Not me. I’ve got my priorities straight. *I say while shedding a tear and laughing uncontrollably about the state my life is in*

Anyways. I hope I haven’t scared you away yet with my stupid humor.
When that’s been said, I want to get involved with you guys.
When is it your birthday and what do you do to celebrate it?

I’ll leave you to think about those very difficult questions.


9 thoughts on “I Have A Mission

  1. 315 pages depends on the book. If you enjoy it, you’ll eat an entire book in one sitting, or get to the point where stopping takes a monumental effort. Anyway, felicitations on completing 15 solar revolutions. I raise my cup of coffee to you and for more successful solar journeys.

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    1. Yeah, and I do enjoy the Harry Potter books and I could read them in just one sitting, the problem is that I’m doing all sorts of stuff this weekend, so I won’t get much time to actually get around to reading them…
      Thank you!


  2. I think you’re pretty funny 🙂 my 18th birthday is actually next Wednesday but I don’t have any plans. My family’s probably going to have a party but I’m not involved in planning it or anything. 😛

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  3. My 17th birthday is on 28th November. Less than 2 months to go ! I generally get really excited about it for MONTHS and then make a wish list all November and pester friends to write me a letter ::P on my birthday is just sit down with a big jar of lemonade and go through all the letters and eat cake . It’s bliss ♡

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