London Trip

I got back from London today and since around 2 pm my entire family has been in a daze, (it’s around 8.00 pm now). We had to catch a train to the airport pretty early, so we got up at 4.30 am. Pretty horrible, but I think that explains why we’re all so tired:P

Though we were there for only 2 1/2 days, we saw, experienced and walked a lot. The most exciting thing we did was visit the Harry Potter studios. I won’t get too much into that whole amazing experience in this post though, I’ll leave that for tomorrow.
However I will tell you, that whenever I got close to something Harry Potter related my wallet got significantly lighter. Hehe oops. But what can I say? I’m extremely weak when it comes to books and fandom merch.
It’s my hamartia really;P

Me with books and merch

So yeah, we did that Tuesday evening and earlier we’d walked on Oxford Street and looked at buildings and stuff. I also found a gigantic bookstore called ‘Waterstones’, where I spent quite some time in. I wished we had a book store like that in Denmark.

Then on Wednimg_2729img_2730esday we went to see Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye, walked on Oxford Street again and visited Hamleys yet another time.

Hamleys is seriously the greatest toy store ever. I’d totally work there if I could.


It was overall a really great trip and it was nice to be back there, this time with the entire family. (I’d gotten a trip to London as my 10th birthday present so I’d been there with my dad in 2011, if I remember the year correctly).

But seriously the Brits are doing it wrong you guys. It really messed me up that they drove on the other side of the road. We made it out alive though! (Even if we almost got run down once or twice:P)

Have you gone on fall break? If so, how have you been spending it? 🙂


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