Harry Potter Dream Come True

As I promised you in yesterday’s post, I will now tell you about our visit to the Harry Potter Studios.

I’ll tell you that it was freaking amazing. Like I was so overwhelmed I was constantly about to cry. It was just so magical, impressive and literally every Harry Potter fans dream. Seeing all the costumes, the big Hogwarts model, all the different settings and props, the visual and special effects and all the effort put into making that universe come alive was almost too much.
Even though they showed the secrets behind Quidditch, all the magic and landscapes I still got the feeling as if it could all be real.
God. I am so impressed by everything I saw and experienced and I can only recommend that you go there someday too.

I’d totally work there too if I could. If it still exists at that time I’ll seriously google the shit out of the possibility for a job there:P
No kidding.

Of course I ended up buying some Harry Potter stuff. Again, ’cause I’m weak.
I didn’t buy anything while at the studios though, that was way too expensive and there were almost too many things to choose from. Luckily there hadn’t been that many people though, so that had been really nice.

At last I ended up going home on Thursday with not one or two, but five Harry Potter related things. I have no regrets:P
I bought Hermione’s wand and a Hogwarts crest badge at Hamleys, a sweater at Primark, the Cursed Child at Waterstones (there was a 5 pound discount. Yay!) and a Gryffindor tie at Kings Cross in their platform 9 3/4 shop.



The reason I bought the tie, wand and badge was because I got the greatest idea for my costume for when I complete grade school this summer.

All the 9th graders have to dress up and we then go around throwing/giving toffee to the other students from the other grades.
And now you can probably guess what I’m gonna dress up as.
Hermione of course! I’m really excited about it and I’m really looking forward to feeling like Hermione for a day.
I’ll wear a skirt, white shirt, the tie, a sweater, the badge and I’ll have the wand. It doesn’t really get any better than that:P
A way better costume that what I’d thought of so far.

As you may be able to tell I’m currently in a Harry Potter mode and I’m having the time of my life:P

I will talk about one last thing before I leave you to continue with your day, and that thing will be Butterbeer. Because we couldn’t not have some of it when we were there. It was like soda with something resembling marshmallow fluff on top and to be honest it wasn’t the greatest I’d ever tasted, but it wasn’t terrible either. We paid a little extra to get it in a cute mug though, so now I look forward to using that at home:P

I’m only slightly obsessed with Harry Potter. Totally healthy right?

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