Groovy Sunday Tunes #3

Todays song: Look away, a song by Eli Lieb and Steve Grand.

This song is  amazing. Just amazing. I’ve listened to it on repeat for an entire week. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this song but I think it was when I was in my “I hear gay songs written by gay artists” mood and to my luck I ended up on Elis channel.

I think the song is really beautiful and it’s just so soothing to listen to. It’s quite sad, but sad songs are literally the story of my life:P

So yeah, listen to it and enjoy this Sundays tune.

Look Away

And while you do that I’ll go cry in the corner, ’cause I have tests all week and tomorrow we’re starting out with math for 4 hours. Please kill me now.

As a bonus I’m leaving you with the link for yet another song, (because I feel like sharing songs today apparently). This song is happy and gets you in a good mood.

Everyone Is Gay

That was it for this time. Byyye.

Sorry. I’m a liar, there’s one last thing. I feel like you guys, (my followers and/or strangers stumbling upon this blog), have been rather quiet. Maybe how inspired I am reflects how active you are. And let’s just say that I’m not the most inspired. I’m busy and feeling the weight of the every day routine. Though I’m glad to be home I can’t say I don’t miss being in China.

This is not a critique of you. I know that if my posts suck I can’t expect people to gush and comment all the time. It was merely just a contemplation:)



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