Fancy Seeing You Here

Fancy seeing you here  *I say to myself while visiting WordPress for the first time since October* (And yes I am not counting that depressing post that has now been deleted. That was merely the result of a hella shitty day and my poor judgement).

Thank you new followers for bringing me back. (And old followers for staying of course). If it wasn’t for the notifications reminding me of this blog, I might’ve not returned.
(My way of acknowledging the fact that I’ve been MIA for a while, without unnecessarily apologizing in ten different ways). Now I’ll continue like I just started this post.

I’m on christmas break now, thank god, and it’s really nice to finally have some free time. In my day-to-day life I’m so busy doing stuff, that I rarely have time to actually relax and just breathe. Even then if I have a (mostly) free day I find it really hard to relax, ’cause I’m always in such a high tempo and I feel like even though I don’t have work, school, appointments etc that particular day I should be doing something, I’ve just forgotten what it is.
Maybe a sign of stress? Probably. I don’t know.
What I do know is that I very much look forward to being in France for 6 months without working. That’s gonna be awesome.

Oh yeah, I haven’t told you this but everything with my exchange thingy is falling into place. I’ve finally send my final application which will now be forwarded to the office in France and hopefully approved, and they’ve found me a semester spot there, so it is France I’ll be going to. Now all there’s to do is wait and then in some months I’ll know who I’ll be living with.
Right now I’m so excited about it, but I’m sure that when it’s actually about to happen, I’m gonna freak out so much. Like dudes, It’s gonna be so crazy and I will definitely be pushed out of my comfort zone. But oh well, that’s what I wanted right?


This picture reminds me of the fact that I didn’t post about the election. Not one single post. Damn, I must’ve really been more gone than I thought. I’ll just comment on it now then. WTF AMERICA. I wish you the best of luck.

donald-trumpI wish someone would wipe that smirk off his face, but I don’t think they’d be able to do so without removing all of his spray tan as well. What a pity.

11 thoughts on “Fancy Seeing You Here

  1. Yeah, well, we feel pretty much the same as you in America as well. I think people are still in shock a little even though they don’t show it. Do try to take care of yourself every now and then. It isn’t healthy to always be so high-strung.

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      1. The public education system in America loves to make kids feel like their mental and physical health don’t matter. That all that matters are a couple of letter grades and percentages. None of that crap matters. I was just a teenager bit above average with my grades and SAT scores and I still got into a nice university. (I had a kickass personal statement and some extracurriculars.) But that’s beside the point. In life, you’ll always be confronted by the dilemma on whether you should take care of yourself or ignore yourself. Always take care of yourself. Nobody will do it for you and you don’t want to let your health recede to the point that it’s out of control.

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        1. That sounds pretty fucked up. Education definitely matters, but it shouldn’t come at such a high cost, where kids will literally go insane just so they can get into a good college, university or what not. There should at least be a little wiggle room to chill out and think about your health. And if people don’t feel like they have the time, maybe even think it doesn’t matter, then they need to make time for it. That’s at least something I’ve learned the hard way.


          1. It’s the reality. College admissions are only becoming tougher and tougher on students. I don’t know if you’ve heard of AP overload but it’s basically where students are taking way too many college-level courses (more than they can handle) but they feel like they have to because the admission criterion is sky-high.

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            1. Geez. Sounds rough, I’m glad we have a grade criterion to get into gymnasium, (it’s kinda like high school except it’s three years and you start when you’re 15-16 ish), that’s on a 4, the equivalent to a D in EU and a B-, C+ or a C in the US. Of course from there if you want to go to a university the admission criterion will be higher, depending on how many who wants to get in, but I’d still say we’re a tiny bit luckier. Plus, the school is free unless it’s a private school and you actually get money from the state if you choose to keep studying after the gymnasium. It’s not a lot, but it’s still something. Then there are of course the taxes, who are sky-high, but that’s a whole other talk:)

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