A Happy Ending (To This Blog Post)

Today I worked my last hours at the bookstore I got a job at this November. I didn’t get fired or quit, if that’s what you’re thinking. Nothing that dramatic. My contract simply just expired, ’cause they only needed help here around christmas, which is sad since it’s literally my favorite bookstore. Plus, they were all really nice and helpful. Even though I only worked there twice a week for 3 hours and I spent my time opening boxes of books, price labeling and going on what felt like thousands of cardboard runs, I really liked it there.
Sadly enough I got to spend my last three hours cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, my boss’ desk and take out the trash and cardboard. Yay. Exciting. I didn’t touch one single book…
I hope they’ll need more help sometime and will contact me. Until then I guess I’ll just have to get a new job, if my budget for the exchange program is gonna add up.

Now that we have that sadness and, actually very bad choice of blog post starter out of the way, let’s move onto something a lot happier.

Yup. I’m talking about christmas folks. And of course the fact that I have now hit 200 followers! WHAT. Maybe I should start going on more hiatuses if that’s what makes the fans come running. Kidding. Many of you probably hit the follow button by mistake and now hate the many annoying emails you get. Well SORRY. I’m not the one sending them;P
If it didn’t shine through, I was kidding. Again. And I feel like that I should get a free pass anyways, you see, you entered my world and you were even warned. I mean, if the blog name isn’t a red flag, I don’t know what is anymore.
You guys are weird. Why do you follow me again? (That question is not to be considered a serious and answerable question but I will thank you for following me anyways. So thank you).

Aaaand I’m done guys, I promise, or at least with that whole shebang. I went from not having a job anymore to mentioning the word ‘christmas’ to using approximately 172 words too many trying to be funny (kidding. That’s not a random number. I counted them), and now we’re back at the christmas thing again, but this time we’re actually gonna stay on topic. I know, I’m surprised too, sounds just a little too good to be true if you ask me. I’m being weird again, I’ll stop.

Soooo christmas. Yay! It’s tomorrow, so actually in around 5 minutes, and I’m pretty pleased about it. Here in Denmark we celebrate Christmas Eve the 24th, so all of you americans and other sad people who has to wait a day more, don’t tell me we’re the ones doing it wrong;P
I look forward to spending the day with my family, seeing people open their presents and of course opening my own gifts, I mean, eat the awesome food. Duh.
I also look forward to scraping the last field on my christmas-scrape-calender-thingy, which I don’t know if exists in other countries so if it doesn’t ring a bell just use your imagination and imagine my sad face ’cause I didn’t win anything. Oh yeah, you can win money, but no one ever wins anything do they?
I sure do not.

If you made it through this cluster fuck of my so-called blog post, I’m impressed. You’re gonna do great things:P

All jokes aside now. Thank you so much for the 200 pushes that green button has gotten, (I swear I did not mean to make that rhyme. It just happened), even if some people don’t think that’s a lot, I think it’s a pretty big amount of people who are able to stand my rambling.

Merry christmas guys, I wanna hear all of your christmas stories when you do get around to celebrating it:)

Stay (in)sane ’till next time.

8 thoughts on “A Happy Ending (To This Blog Post)

  1. I follow your blog because I like your sense of humor and I think you’re a pretty good writer. It’s nice to see you reflect and work through your thoughts. šŸ™‚ It’s a good thing we Americans celebrate Christmas on the 25th because my present for my brother doesn’t arrive until tomorrow (probably around afternoon or evening.) In my defense, it wasn’t last-minute Christmas shopping in the traditional sense. See, I didn’t know my brother wanted anything until the 21st and Amazon Prime 2-day shipping is a blessing.

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