It Runs In The Family

Drama is not a foreign word to my family, as much became clear two days ago at our annual christmas lunch with my mom’s side of the family, I told you I was going to.
It might not be drama like with the Kardashians and the house-wife thingies, (there’s a tv show about that too right?), but I would definitely still call it dramatic, and in this case, traumatic too.

This is you now. Don’t deny it ;P

We were all going about our family get-together business, we were done eating, so we were talking, the younger ones were playing down the hall and we were having a mighty fine time. I was in my cousin’s room with my dad looking at some paintings my uncle had painted, when we started to hear screaming and crying. Naturally we were like, wtf, the hell is going on people? And as it turned out my cousin at around 3 had gotten a door slammed over his fingers and was now bleeding and missing a part of one of his fingers… But by the way his mother was screaming and freaking out, it was as if he had died. It was all pretty crazy and it was really inconsiderate of her to freak out that much.

She scared everyone, and especially her younger daughter got really scared and starting crying too. (She definitely did not know about the concept written on the Featured Image) Luckily the father, (my uncle), was a bit more calm and collected, so someone could take care of the little boy, while the rest of us comforted my cousin and cleaned up the blood.

They went straight to the hospital and everything went fine. We’re all still pretty shocked here a few days later, but I think that’s to be expected when such a dramatic moment unfolds.

Later I got to thinking and realised that there almost always happens something when we’re gathered like that. I mean, once my grandfather accidentally set fire to something, my other cousin cut himself pretty badly another time and on the way to another family gathering my uncle, his wife and my two cousins almost got in a serious car crash. So yeah. Apparently crazy, unlucky shit and chronical lateness belongs in my family 😛

And I’m not even exaggerating anything.

Anyways, I felt like sharing this quick thing with you today, so hope you don’t mind. (Even if you did the only way to stop me would be to unfollow). Which is totally not a suggestion. I like you guys, makes me feel like I have friends.
Kidding,I have other friends. Either way, it would just be relatable right? Right!?

AHAHAHAHAHAhahahahah…ha *laughter slowly turns into sobs*

Yeah…I’m just gonna leave now.

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