What I Didn’t Say But I Think You Knew Anyway

As I look into your eyes all of my doubts fade away. It’s clear as day, there’s nothing to discuss there. I see you and I think you know I do. No more hiding it, hiding you. So stop trying, just please, stop trying. If you don’t, one day you’ll end up exploding like the repressed ball of unhappiness you’ve become. And my guess is that you’ll lose yourself while frantically trying to put the pieces back together ’cause I won’t be there to do it for you. This time you’ll have to solve the puzzle on your own, remake it. Remake you.
But in the end you won’t regret losing me. You’ll regret not letting it out sooner.

I want to say all of this to you, but I don’t. Instead I smile and grab your hand, while you look at him, wishing you were holding his.


There’s nothing like those vague, tiny snippets ofย something I share with you once in a while, is there? They really make you wonder what goes on in my mind. Just know that I wonder too.*insert pondering emoji* (and while you’re already at it, imagine the cute winky face emoji too, ’cause why not?)

I hope you liked it, and, funny story, it actually started off as a poem but then it ended up making more sense like this instead. (Not that funny I know, but isn’t that more just something people say anyways?)

I have so many questions for this world.

Stay (in)sane ’till next time.

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