Pictures Of A Snowy Day

It hasn’t stopped snowing for two days now. It started yesterday and the flakes are still falling slowly. This time it’s not the “I melt as soon as I hit the ground” kind, it’s the really good, real snow. One of my favorite sounds is the one made when walking on good snow. The, almost, crunching sound it makes reminds me of good times and winter.

I hope there’s as much snow in Sweden right now. The winter break starts this Friday and lasts a whole week. My family and I are going on a ski trip in SΓ€len, located in Sweden.
I can’t wait to get back on my snowboard! I’ve really missed it.

The snow made my want to photograph it, so here’s a couple of pictures I took yesterday.


The view from my room
There’s nothing like daffodils, a promise of spring just around the corner
On my way to school
Waiting before my yoga class
Returning back home

32 thoughts on “Pictures Of A Snowy Day

    1. Aww man that sucks! So you live in London? That’s so awesome, I love London xx hmm I wouldn’t say I had that many followers myself, so maybe I’m not the best advicer but I here’s what I’ve found. It’s all about connecting with others and supporting others that in the end pays off. It might take time reading others posts, liking, commenting and so on but you make yourself noticed and you make someone smile with a nice comment. It’s a win-win! I’d recommend trying to join the Community Pool each Monday, if you don’t already do that, and take time to explore other blogs:D


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