Why You Should Watch This Show

Are any of you familiar with the tv series SKAM? If any of you are from Scandinavia, you probably know what I’m talking about and I even think those of you from the States may recognize the name.
It’s a norwegian tv show that has gained popularity really fast and not just in Norway no. It has gained fans from all over the world and I mean that quite literally. I mean, if you go to their Instagram profile you’ll see people commenting from all over the world. I think that’s really awesome and pretty impressive.

Why would I make a post about a Norwegian tv series? You might be asking yourself that question now and to that I have two answers.
1. It’s freaking awesome and I’m obsessed with the show.

I’m so serious when I say that it’s worth watching. It’s so relatable and portraits the youth in the Western world perfectly. The characters all struggle with the typical stuff that comes with being a teenager, but it’s done in such a way that it’s still relatable and not over the top. The characters are very diverse and the storyline is simple but yet surprising and makes you want to watch more.
I think the show is genius and it has given me a new appreciation of the Norwegian language as well.

Another reason why I think it’s genius is because they’ve managed to use social media in a very creative way. They’ve made an Instagram and Facebook account for all the main characters to make it seem like the characters are actually real. In that way you can figure out more about the characters than is said about them in the episodes and it makes you feel like you’re following along in their lives, even though it’s all fake. I just love how thorough and thought out it all is.

It’s definitely not just a pointless, girly show. I’m serious, both of my male teachers are watching it and they really dig it! It’s relevant and touches on some serious issues such as eating disorders, struggling with your sexuality, loneliness and being a muslim.

In every season it revolves around one main character. In season one it was Eva, season two Noora, season three Isak and this season, season four, it’ll be about Sana. So far my favorite seasons are two and three, so if you start watching it don’t judge the series by the first season – it gets much better I promise.

So yeah, if that whole serenade about SKAM didn’t make you want to watch it I honestly don’t know what will…

Bye and remember,
stay (in)sane ’till next time!

16 thoughts on “Why You Should Watch This Show

  1. Buenas

    Esta genial tu redacción y hay demasiadas información que no conocía que me has aclarado, esta maravilloso..
    te quería corresponder el tiempo que dedicaste, con unas infinitas gracias,
    por enseñarle a personas como yo jojojo.


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