Why He Should Be Your New Celebrity Crush Too

I think this blog post will especially resonate with my fellow Spider-Man: Homecoming watchers out there. Will this post life up to the standards of a great comeback? Probably not. Have I been absent for so long that a great comeback is needed? Not really no, but this is my way of addressing the silence, without apologizing for it.
Tom Holland is not only adorable, he’s pretty talented too. So for once, just humor me and let’s see if you can refrain from falling in love with him too. If you watch the movie it’s gonna be pretty impossible though, so here’s a pro tip: Just let it happen.

So yeah, I wanted to see the movie ever since I saw a trailer of it, not because of Tom at the time, but because Spider-Man is awesome and my favorite superhero. Then I went to the movies with my siblings on Saturday and we watched it together. I don’t really know the whole Marvel universe that well, (meaning I haven’t watched Avengers and the like), but even so the movie was perfectly understandable. I’ll admit there were a few times where I thought, huh, that would’ve probably made sense if I’d watched some Marvel prior to this, but it didn’t take anything away from my experience.

But anywho, you didn’t click on this ultra creative title to read a rambly movie review, you came here to start crushing for real. So let’s get down to business.

5 Reasons To Start Crushing on Tom Holland (1)

1. His acting
He plays the role of Spider-Man perfectly. He nails the different sides of Peter Parker, the dorky, the excited, the humble, the protective and the caring, to just name a few.
He also really committed himself to the role, by secretly enrolling in a New York City high school for a couple of days to really grasp what Peter would be going through, since his own high school experience in London was quite different. In The Impossible he portrays really well this young boy whose family is torn apart because of a terrible tragedy and him, (along with the other actors as well), had me in tears more than a few times.
I’m not the only one who thinks his acting isn’t terrible though. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts awarded him with the 2017’s Rising Star Award in January, so there must be something about it.

2. His personality
It’s no secret that’s he shares many qualities with Peter Parker in real life, sans the Spider-Man part of course 😛 He hasn’t let fame get to his head, he’s an incredibly humble and yes, also very dorky guy outside of character. Or so he comes across at least. Sadly I don’t know him personally so these are all just observations. He cares a lot about his friends, family and fans. Him and his best friend Harrison are really tight and he’s eager to give back to his fans. While filming Homecoming he visited a children’s hospital as Spider-Man to spend time with some of his younger fans in need.

3. His physique
He’s incredibly athletic and loves dance, basketball, gymnastics and other sports as well. He’s basically like Spider-Man who can just casually bust some ballet moves. He’s very agile and makes doing flips and stuff look incredibly easy. And trust me, I know it’s not. I once broke my arm doing a cart-wheel. Enough said.

4. His face
How can I not mention it. It’s adorable. His smile is so kind and sweet and I just wanna stare at his face forever. And yes, this is definitely the boy-loving side of my 15-year-old self talking. Honestly I think this entire post was written by her.

5. His British accent
This one is almost too obvious. I personally can’t get enough of the British accent so the fact that he has one is pretty much just the cherry on top of an already delicious ice cream.
Side note: In general don’t compare people to food and objects guys, but in this case I saw an opportunity and I went with it. I regret nothing.

So what’s the verdict? Have I convinced you of his awesomeness yet? If not, I’ll leave you with a photo of him and if that doesn’t do it for you, well then I’m sorry, I did my best.

How can you not appreciate this goofball?

Please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Also what do you think about my featured image? I’m really trying to step up my game regarding the featured images on here, so I spend a lot of time editing to get them just right 🙂 So far I think it’s worth it!

Hasta luego xx


11 thoughts on “Why He Should Be Your New Celebrity Crush Too

  1. Yes, yes indeed. XD He’s a new favorite actor of mine. He fit the role of Peter Parker so well because, well, that’s his personality anyhow. This is news to me though: he has a British accent?!?! I need to hear this. Fav actor, fav superhero. *fangirls forever*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same. I watched Spider-Man and was like; Why wasn’t I as obsessed with him before? Exactly! I was surprised too. During my prime stalking hours I watched an interview with him and was like, no way. This is too good to be true ❤ Glad it's not just me 😛


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