No Polyjuice Potion Needed

Create Your Own Hermione Costume

On May 24th I graduated from school. The students in Denmark often celebrate that day by dressing up in creative costumes, handing out toffees to the younger pupils.
I was inspired when we visited Harry Potter World in London back in October, so I decided to dress up as Hermione. I mean, I’d bought her wand, a brooch and a Gryffindor tie, so I saw no reason to come up with another idea. Besides, Hermione is amazing and I’ve always loved her, so I couldn’t wait for the day I’d get to put the costume on.

I know it’s not quite Halloween yet, but on the off-chance that one of you just happens to be on the lookout for some inspiration for a Hermione costume, I will provide;P

Here is a photo of how my costume ended up looking, (and please ignore the hair, I literally got it cut a couple of days later because it was driving me crazy):

The quality of this photo is so bad, sorry about that

And here is a list of everything I wore:
– A white shirt
– A grey cardigan
– A black skirt
– A pair of grey stockings
– A Gryffindor tie
– Hermione’s wand
– A brooch with the Hogwarts crest on it
– A pair of blue shoes

Many of these items were just some I already had in my closet, like the skirt, the shirt and the stockings. I bought the cardigan at a flea market for less than 2 dollars and the shoes I’m wearing were the most neutral we had at home. I would’ve preferred to have worn another pair of shoes, preferably black and more like this kinda shoe since I feel like they’re very Hermione, but I didn’t want to go out and purchase them just for this one costume.

It is not necessary to buy the tie at Harry Potter World or online, you can just use a regular tie with some of the same colors. The same goes for the wand. Of course it’s just a tad more cool to walk around with the wand, but trust me, very few people will be able to tell the difference if you just find a stick:P
You don’t have to wear a cardigan either, a pullover would look great too, I just didn’t have one I’d be able to wear a shirt under.
If you live somewhere very hot you can even ditch the second layer all together and go for a more summery look.

If your hair is long I’d definitely curl it or sleep with braids in the night before. That way you’ll get that characteristic Hermione hair in her younger years. Unfortunately my hair is as straight as it gets and at the time pretty short as well. I dyed it a darker color, since I was pretty much blonde at the time, but that is totally not necessary. I was planning on dying in anyways so I compensated with the color for how very different my hair is from Hermione’s.

It wasn’t that obvious to a lot of people who I was dressed up as, but that was probably more because they had been deprived of the awesomeness that it Harry Potter and less because my costume sucked. I dressed up for me and all the fellow fangirls at the school, not for all the oblivious kids or the guy with a 30 cm long dick attached to his costume. It was all worth it when a little girl came up to me and asked; “You’re dressed up as Hermione right?”. I sent her parents a mental high-five and gave her a handful of toffees.

So yeah, I hope you feel inspired to put together your very own Hermione costume, or dress up as any other Harry Potter character for that sake. I’m pretty sure this was the closest I’ll ever get to being a witch and seriously, you should try it. Wave your wake wand around for the day and feel the magic! Trust me, it’s awesome.

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