My Experience At Copenhagen Pride 2017


Last Sunday Copenhagen Pride Week ended and in true Pride-style the city and the people in it made sure it would end properly with a big parade that took place on Saturday.
I’ve always wanted to partake in Pride so when I found out that the new school I’m attending had booked a spot in the parade, it literally couldn’t be more perfect. I’d have someone to go with, I’d be walking in the actual parade instead of standing on the side lines AND I’d get a t-shirt that said ‘Pride’ on it from the school. (I showed up early just in case to make sure I got one;P) Out of all the parade spots only two of the slots had been booked by schools, so of course we had to strive to be the coolest. I think we did it, maybe not with the pun filled, very uhh…homemade banners but with the fact that we had a drag queen. That’s a sure way to win.

Out of the 1200-ish students attending my school only around 15 ended up going plus a couple of teachers. Maybe a bit disappointing, but their loss really.
I’d painted my nails in rainbow colors, drawn on my arm, I was wearing the t-shirt and a fake lei, but yet I still felt underdressed. Next year I’ll definitely make sure that I have some time to go shopping for accessories and everything rainbow beforehand:P

The experience itself? It was pretty good. I’ll admit it was just a tiny bit boring for my friend and I, since we weren’t really part of the other group of second and third years. I mean we’re in our first year and at the time we’d only attended the school for a week, so it’s not like we knew a ton of people.
But even though I might’ve felt a bit out-of-place within that group, it was just awesome to walk beside everybody, holding up banners and waving flags, enjoying the joyous atmosphere and being a part of something so inclusive and positive.

It was beautiful with all the love, colors, costumes, people and personalities. Plus, the principle gave us a beer, and a random lady jello-shots, so now I can say that I’ve tried that too πŸ˜›

If you ever get the chance to go to Pride I’d say you should do it. Even if you’re straight as hell, or don’t know what you are, just being there to support is really important and can be fun too!

I took some pictures there. Hopefully they’ll give you a feeling of the vibe there.

9 thoughts on “My Experience At Copenhagen Pride 2017

    1. I’m such a spazz, I accidentially trashed the other comment you’d written on an older post of mine, (like I didn’t know you could trash comments but apparently that’s a thing:P), and I’m surprised you went through them! I’ll admit that I did cringe a bit too, but leaving them up makes it possible for people to see how much I’ve grown, so I won’t delete them (even if I won’t read them again myself) πŸ™‚


      1. Oh, you must keep these! It’s a part of you right now that you will marvel at years later ☺. I am glad I never trashed what my younger self wrote because it captured my essence in a way I can never replicate now. Keep blogging!

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  1. Toronto has one of the biggest (so we’re told) Pride parades in the world. It’s usually at the beginning of August and it’s crazy. So many people! We’ve gone in the past and you’re right, the energy is incredible 🌈🌈🌈

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