Why Am I So Stupid?

Guuuuuyyys, I feel like such a spaz right now. I just spent the last 20 minutes replying to comments from A YEAR AGO! I accidentally trashed a comment I’d gotten on a post and on my quest to get it back I stumbled upon the “pending comments” thingy and there were too many. So now I feel incredibly bad about it. And also stupid, I mean why, just why hadn’t I thought about approving comments before?:/

So yeah if any of you lucky people out there had the pleasure of receiving a reply from me A YEAR LATE, (I literally cannot stress this enough, a fucking year, Jesus Christ Anika, shame on you), I hope you won’t hate me too much for it:P I’ve never been an internet wizard, so maybe you could even just, like feel sorry for me or laugh at how unlucky I am.

This lady is me

For future reference you’ll know that if I don’t reply to you within a reasonable amount of time, it’s not because I’m trying to be rude, I’m most likely just being a spaz.

It probably wasn’t necessary to do a post on, I just felt it was such a typical thing for me to do and since I’m trying to share all of the different sides of my personality with you, I had to write about this. Plus, if I can make any of you make that half-laugh where you don’t really laugh, but just inhale through your nose, because of how (hopefully) hilariously relatable this is, that would just be golden. Totally worth the embarrassment then.

But dudes, I know I can’t be the only one out there…
All my fellow internet-spazzes in this Blogosphere, raise your hands and let me know you exist in the comments!

That was all I think, but before I leave let’s all just take a moment to recognise the fact that it’s only been TWO DAYS since I last posted. Oh yeah, let that sink in, but don’t worry about me, I’m fine and my body has not been overtaken by a blog-loving spirit out to make this blog fare better;)
That is a thing one can only wish for.

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