I Wrote An Article And Now It’s Out There

Blue Wood

I guess I’m technically published now? I mean, an article I wrote is out there on a legit site, so that must count πŸ˜›

My aunt is pretty sure that I should be a journalist and since she’s in charge of the information comite at this jiu-jitsu club she offered to let me “intern”, so that I’d have something relevant to write on my resume if it so happens that I want to pursue a career as a journalist. Which is pretty cool, so we’ll see if it’ll become relevant. The jury is still out.

All it means is that I’ll have to write an article once in a whileΒ about a fighter, a jiu-jitsu camp or the like. I just write about what she emails me, so nothing too crazy, but it’s still great to get that kind of experience and feedback.
So yeah, I wrote an article about this woman named Mai and after sending it to my aunt, getting feedback and such they’ve now uploaded it to their site and shared it on Facebook. My words are out there! In the world!

It’s not like I haven’t written articles before, but they’ve all been school assignments that only my teacher would read and grade.
And it’s not like it’s for a big famous magazine or newspaper, but it’s still pretty neat that it’s actually out there for pretty much anyone to read. It wasn’t the greatest article in the world or anything either, (Mai didn’t give me a lot to work with), but my aunt was thrilled and I’m just happy that she didn’t find too many grammar mistakes! πŸ˜›

I can leave the link for you but since it’s in Danish I don’t think any of you will understand it. Unless I happen to have a Danish follower out there. If so, shout out to you fellow Dane ;P

The article few of you will be able to read

I know I haven’t posted in 10 days, it’s like the days just go by without me noticing it. I’m trying to figure out some stuff with my schedule, so that I’ll hopefully have more time to do other things than just school, work, chores and fitness.
That means more blogging too! (Hopefully). But we’ll see.
It’s not exactly easy to begin your higher education. Going back to school after summer always suck, but when you have to start completely over at a new school, with new students, teachers, expectations, social events and a ton of homework, it demands just a bit more of your attention.
I’m just now starting to find the balance πŸ™‚

Enough about me, how are all of you doing? Is school or work bearable or are you just looking forward to your next vacation? πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading darlings xx

14 thoughts on “I Wrote An Article And Now It’s Out There

  1. Congratulations!!! That’s super exciting. I actually can read your article. I KNOW DANISH!!! I’m kidding, English is the only langauge I know, but Google was able to translate your article from Danish to English for me so I could read it. πŸ˜€ Keep up the good work! Journalism sounds like an awesome career, and interning is a great way to go.

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