That Time I Went To Paris – Day 1


Back in March I went to Paris with my French class and ever since we got back I’ve wanted to share my trip with you guys but since I’m very good at avoiding blogging, I haven’t done a post on it. UNTIL NOW! Dum dum dum!

I had been to Paris before and I’d absolutely loved it there so I was very excited for our trip! We travelled on Monday, March 13th and left again on Thursday, the 16th. We met at the airport at 7 am and our two teachers were, not unlike them, the ones to arrive last 😛 The plane ride itself lasted only about 2 hours and I got to have the window seat, so I was pretty pleased.

The quality of this photo is so bad I know

Since we only had few days to spent in Paris they were scheduled down to the minute and we spent little time at the hotel. But that’s the best way to travel isn’t it? Especially if you have little time and a lot of things to see.

I’ll break the days down for you in 4 different posts. (Initially I’d only planned to do one but then I wrote way to much about the first day and thought it best to break them up if I wanted anyone to actually to get to the end :P)

So yeah, look out for these posts if you want to read about my trip!

As mentioned we left Denmark at around 8.30 and arrived in Paris at 10.30 ish. To get to our hotel we took their subway, which was pretty confusing and just a tad crowded will all of our suitcases. We all made it though. The hotel was called La Louisiane and from the outside it looked very small but then when you walked in it was actually quite spacious – and had like 80 rooms divided between 6 ish floors or something. (Note to self: If you’d just written the post straight away you’d actually be able to remember the exact details).
My roomie and I were pretty happy with our room as well and we had less than 30 minutes to spend there before we were out the door again.

Our first stop in the city was le Louvre, which was hella exciting since I’d heard so much about it. When we got there I had a total “ahhhhhhh”moment because I hadn’t actually known that the pyramid thingy was a part of the museum. I don’t know why but I just thought they were two different famous things. One of my less clever moments I must admit.

Of course we didn’t see everything there – I think you’d only be able to if you spent like a week there – but we got these questions we had to answer about different famous paintings, sculptures etc and so we went on a hunt for those.
I wish we could’ve stayed there longer, but hey, I took a selfie with Mona Lisa so that was pretty awesome ;P

I’m smiling because I made it through the crowd

Afterwards we went to Pont des Arts, the bridge famous for all it’s padlocks, except there were no locks since they had been removed out of fear that the bridge wouldn’t be able to hold the weight. Now you literally can’t put your locks there, since the barriers are now made of glass plates without any holes and such in them. That shall not stop all the tourists and Parisians though! They’ve just found another bridge 😛 We saw that as well and damn, there were a lot of padlocks.

We saw yet another bridge, the Pont Neuf and we went to île de la Cité where we went to Notre Dame. Afterwards the teachers gave us some free time to roam the city, go shopping, by crêpes or whatever our hearts desired and all we had to do was meet up again later at the restaurant we’d eat at.


Me and a couple of the other girls went to the cutest and most charming bookstore. It was called ‘Shakespeare and company’ and the best thing was that it was an English-language bookstore. I didn’t actually end up getting a book but it was so cool to just be there and it’s definitely a must visit for any book lovers travelling to Paris.

We didn’t actually struggle that much finding our way back to the restaurant, so that was really surprising and quite nice. I’m usually a spazz when it comes to directions and maps but on this trip I was so good at it. I truly don’t know what got into me.

After dinner we went back to the hotel and had some French homework to do before we could go to bed. We had homework for every night there but luckily it wasn’t the most demanding assignments so you could get it done pretty quickly.

I was knackered after a long, quick paced day so I slept well that night.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, the other posts will be up during next week 🙂
Have any of you ever been to Paris? If so, what did you enjoy the most about it?

Hopefully your weekend has been great. I know mine has been pretty okay. I’ve watched a bunch of Star Wars movies with my family for the very first time, so that has been pretty exciting! Tell me, is it late to watch Star Wars for the first time at the age of 15? My best friend definitely thinks something went wrong in my upbringing 😛

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