That Time I Went To Paris – Day 3


The last two posts are probably gonna be a bit shorter than the previous ones since I discovered that I actually hadn’t taken that many pictures those days and that there wasn’t that much to tell either. I’m still keeping them as separate posts though, since I thought I might as well continue with this form 🙂
I hope you enjoy my tale from our 3rd day!


This day was more than just sightseeing. You could say we’re kinda partners with this International school in Saint Germain en Laye, a city around 20 kilometers west from Paris, so of course we had to go visit it. It was a school trip after all so it couldn’t just be like a vacation all the time.
This was probably the day I looked forward to the least. We’d been told we’d have to hang out with these students who had both French and Danish parents and talk to them about how it was like to go to this international school, how they felt about Danish and French etc.
I just imagined the day being very awkward and very divided into us and then them, but it turned out that there were only 3 students who’d be able to join us, so it wasn’t anything like that at all.

This is just a part of the school. It was absolutely huge :O

Before coming to the school we’d stopped in Saint Germain en Laye so that we could buy lunch for a picnic. Each group had an item they had to buy (we were supposed to do it in French of course) and my group was assigned the baguettes. At the bakery I ordered baguettes in the best French I could and it didn’t look like the guy cringed too much so my attempt must’ve been fairly alright.
Following that we took a bus to the school and the entire time I had my arms full of baguettes. I swear I’ve never felt more like the French stereotype in my life 😛

This was basically me 😛

We ate lunch with the students and were then handed a sheet of paper with a lot of questions about the city. We’d have to ask people on the streets for the answers on our way down to the city center where we’d get a bit of time to go shopping. Luckily the girl who walked with us had gotten really good at French in the just the two years she’d been living in France so she helped us out a lot. And maybe google did too, but don’t tell anyone that 😉

We found this flower at a flower shop. So pretty!

We all ate dinner together at a really cute Crêperie where they served savory crêpes as the main course and then sweet crêpes for dessert. It was really delicious!

After that all there was to do was say goodbye and hop on the train that would take us back to Paris.

If it weren’t so darn expensive I would’ve loved to go to that school!
Unfortunately that was it for now mes amis, I hope you found it semi-enjoyable. Or maybe you could at least appreciate the rainbow rose. Either is fine by me 😛

All there’s left to say now is; get pumped, cuz tomorrow is Friday! Aka the weekend is coming, yay! I’m going to the movies to watch American Assassin so I’m BEYOND excited 😀
What are your plans this weekend? I’d love to know ❤

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