A Different Kind Of Internship


Last year at the start of november you could find me in Jutland at a military base in a town called Varde.
Every 9th grader at my school got the week off, but instead of just spending it doing nothing, we all had to find a place to intern.
There’s always a possibility for the 9th graders to intern in the military, so that’s what I chose to do. I’d actually found out about it half a year before or so and it sounded awesome, so I was really stoked that it was something that was arranged through the school and that I got a spot.

Four other guys from my class had signed up as well and two of them had been assigned to the same military base as me. We went by train, which took about 3 hours and had our luggage with us since we were to stay there Monday through Friday.

As expected there were a lot of guys and very few girls, so I only had to share a room with five other people. In total we were around 45 and I always felt so sorry for the guys when they only gave us 30 minutes to shower. The girls had 4 showers we had to share, the boys had 4 as well and there were a significantly bigger amount of them.


All in all it was a really cool week and I felt like such a badass for majority of it. A tired badass admittedly. It was definitely a tough and challenging week in many different ways.
Every morning we were woken up at 6 am and I swear I’ve never been quicker out of bed in my life. You kind of had to be fast though, we only had 10 minutes or so before everyone had to stand in line outside of the barrack, fully dressed without a single unmade bed inside or a hat and name tag forgotten.

We did a lot of different stuff throughout the week. We marched a lot, did a lot of exercise, went shooting with rifles, and even went on a 2-day operation in the woods.

We marched with our heavy backpacks to a spot in the woods were we had to camp out. We had to put up our shelters and dig human size holes we could, in shifts, stand guard in the entire day and night. My tent buddy and I got the 3am – 4 am shift and my god I’ve never been so cold before. It was almost below freezing and I didn’t regain feeling in my hands and feet before we were back at the base the next afternoon.
It was exciting though. We walked around with these plastic rifles and when the sergeants randomly called “Alarm!” we all had to run to our assigned spots and drop down, “firearms” at the ready. The funniest part was that if you forgot your rifle or didn’t have it on you, you would be forced to crawl back and get it. They definitely took it very seriously and tried to make it as realistic as possible.

Everyone had packed their bags alike, so when no one had been allowed to bring phones or flashlights, it shouldn’t be a problem because everyone would know where they’d put their stuff. Or at least that was the theory… To be honest it didn’t quite work for me:P That bag was like a big hole just swallowing everything up.
The worst part came when we had to leave the woods again. Of course we couldn’t just pack up slowly, no no no no, they yelled at an unexpected moment and we had to rid the camp of everything. Immediately. It was so tiring and stressful to try to get all the dirt back into the holes, but with a little team effort we made it.

A photo taking of the group after finishing our little camp-out

I definitely learned so much that week and I gained a huge respect for everyone in the army. It even kind of made me want to join myself, but I know I won’t. I like the training and discipline aspect of it, but I could never see myself actually fighting in a war.

Oh yeah, and I also got complimented on by a sergeant when we were working out one of the days. He was like; “You can lift heavier than that, you’re fucking strong”. As someone who cares about their fitness this was so great to hear. He did make me go heavier though, which I was not happy about, but it felt awesome to get a compliment like that, especially coming from a military dude.


So to conclude this massive post filled with a lot of pictures (possibly too many), all I have to say is that I’m so glad I did it. It was in November, it was dark, it was cold and it was very tough for many. If you ever get a chance to intern like I did, I recommend it. Maybe you’re not interested in joining the Army, but the experience itself is worth it and you learn a lot too 🙂

I hope you enjoyed it! (Those of you who made it to the end ;P)

Too many pictures? Ya or nah? Do let me know!


10 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Internship

  1. The chance to participate in the military is something I have always wanted. I know how tough it is, but I think you had an experience of a lifetime. So lucky! And the pictures were just enough, not too many.

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