A Visitor From Spain

Tomorrow at around 4 pm I’m gonna be picking up Sergio. Sergio is a 16-year-old Spanish guy, (Though he doesn’t look Spanish. I mean, you can’t look like a nationality, but you kinda can you know?). He’s gonna be staying with my family and I for the next week. So right now I’m like this, trying to cram as much Spanish into my head as possible.

How much Spanish is it possible for one to learn in one night?

Everyone in a Spanish class was given the opportunity to participate in an exchange program with students from Pamplona, Spain. As obsessed with Spanish and traveling as I am, I saw the perfect chance and I took it 😝
We don’t really have room for another person at home, but I’m gonna give him my room and then I’ll just sleep with my sister for the week. I know how nice I thought it was to have some privacy, when I stayed with a chinese family in Wuxi last year so my sister and I will just have to deal with it.
The idea of the exchange is that it’s a two-way street, like you couldn’t just sign up for the Spain part of it, you had to participate in everything.
So even though it definitely would be less of a hassle for me to just visit them, it wouldn’t really make sense or be fair.
I knew my dad would be against having someone stay with us, but since that was necessary to participate in the program, we would just have to make it work. And by “making it work” I mean, don’t ask for his permission, ask mom and wait to tell him until it’s too late to back out…Kinda shitty of us I know, but I really want to go to Spain 😛
He was so butthurt and disappointed when he found out, and though he’s still not insanely hooked on the idea, he’s warmed up to it a bit. Some things you’ve just gotta do for your kids dad. So boo hoo, suck it up. You’ll survive 😉

I look forward to meeting Sergio and stuff but at the same time I’m really nervous and would rather he didn’t show. He seems nice, but I just can’t handle how I’m suddenly just gonna have to plan his presence into everything and change my schedule so my plans will match up to his. I just can’t get over the logistics of it. The teachers setting this whole thing up were like “You don’t have to change anything, you’re just supposed to show them how every day life is like here in Denmark, how your routine is”.
Yeah sure lady. So I can totally expect him to eat breakfast in 3 minutes, like I usually do because or else we’ll be late? Nah, didn’t think so either.
It’s not that easy. Noooot that easy.

It’s gonna be a rather challenging week to say the least… But definitely fun as well!
They really drew the short straw though. They’re coming here in fucking November where it’s freezing and the weather is hella depressing and we’re visiting them in April. I’m not complaining though, I’m just surprised they aren’t.

This is also me right now. Just a taaaaad freaked out.

I will round this post off with this lovely GIF and then really all there’s left for me to say is adíos y buenas noches mis amigos xx

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