My First Time Travelling to China

Visiting China

Do you remember that time I wrote this post about my upcoming trip to China? (*cough*back in 2016*cough*). If you don’t remember that’s fair, I never did follow up on it like I said I would 😛 But better late than never eh? 😉
If I had to tell you about everything we did there, just like I did with my Paris trip, I would either need an ultra long post or 14 different ones – I promise I won’t bore you with either (like I know I wouldn’t enjoy reading a long ass post myself – and I wouldn’t want to write 14 posts either).
I will meet you somewhere in the middle and be content with sharing a bunch of pictures from my mega-awesome-free-trip-to-China. There’ll probably be a few comments too because you know me – I can’t just show you pictures. Before I’ll do anything though, if you don’t know the full story about how I actually got the change to travel there, check out the post I linked to further up – it explains everything 🙂

*Clears throat*
Well let’s begin!

To give you an overview of the trip, let me lay it out for you.
We left Copenhagen on September 11 2016 and returned on September 25. The first destination was Beijing where we stayed for 4 days, then we went by train to Xi’an and spent 2 days there, following that day 7-13 were spent in Wuxi, living privately at a chinese family and at last we finished the trip off by spending our 2 last days in Shanghai.

Now I will let the pictures do the talking. Though, just in case my shitty iPhone camera doesn’t do the experience justice, I’ll just state the awesomeness of it right now. So yeah, it was awesome. Beyond awesome and I’ll never forget it.

*whispers* enjoy *whispers*

The photos above were taken at the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven

These are from Beijing as well, taken at Jingshan Park (top middle photo), Beijing zoo (panda and lion statue) and the remaining two are from Wangfujing Dajie, a famous street. And yes, that is me just casually about to eat a scorpion (and yes I did eat it. It tasted kind of like very salty, dried fish. Not the greatest but not as disgusting as you’d think). And no, your eyes are not deceiving you – I was blond on this trip. Don’t ask me why.

I don’t think I need to tell you where these were taken. It was super hot this day and very crowded. I’m actually quite surprised I managed to take some pictures without too many people in them.

The Terracotta Army in Xi’an. Again, super touristy but a very fascinating place!

Moving on to yet another destination. This time Wuxi where each Danish student stayed with a Chinese family. It was a very different and new experience but they were so kind to me! I went on a trip with Bruce (“my” student) and his family and on one of the streets we walked THERE WAS A DANISH BAKERY!! Of course we had to go in. The owner spoke Danish and everything. After being in a completely different country for so many days I was so happy to encounter something from home 😛

I went to a beautiful park with them too – the Humble Administrators Garden in Suzhou.

Both the chinese and Danish students went to the Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Area where we went to touch Buddhas toes for luck. I don’t remember where I took the photo in the right corner. I just thought it was hilarious.

And at last, but not least, we spent our last days in Shanghai. This city is incredible and I pretty much died when we went up into the bottle opener building (Shanghai World Financial Center) – it was so tall!

This trip was something entirely new to me and it showed me such a different part of the world than what I’m used to. I was thrown out of my comfort zone, I made friends, got to be part of everyday life for a Chinese family, I visited amazing places, saw incredible buildings, gardens and learned so much about the history of China. I ate different, delicious, and at times, very odd food and I also learned a thing or two about myself and about travelling.

I think this is the note I want to end my post on. Writing this, and looking back at all the photos I took, is making everything come back to me and I suddenly remember so many things. There’s so much more I could tell you but right now I’ll leave it at this.

I do think my next post will be about China as well though. While I was writing this I kinda made a mental list of things to prepare yourself for when travelling to China and thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it its own post. Be sure to look out for it!

When that’s said, I hope you enjoyed all the pictures and (finally) getting to read about my trip 😛 And please, if you have any questions about anything concerning the trip or just anything in general, just ask away!



17 thoughts on “My First Time Travelling to China

  1. My ginger rips … I mean my finger tips has just had no affect whatsoever on my keyboard and I had so much to say about your lovely post!!
    So exciting! (I’m new-ish here so didn’t know you back in 2016, so doth not matter one squiggle that I don’t remember when you first blogged about a trip to China.
    I’ve not been (fingers appear to having correct engagement with touch screen at last 👌🏼) so your photos were such a treat and I wanted to thank you for sharing 🥂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice! I was really impressed by the Forbidden Palace and the Great Wall! Such stunning architecture! I also enjoyed Wuxi! 😁 I never made it to see the emperor’s army! The photos look so cool! One day I would go back just for that!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jeg tror, at de fleste mennesker er venlige, så længe du laver, hvad de vil, og i den måde, de forventer at gøre det. Den anden faktor er tidsperioden for hvor længe vi skal gøre med andre mennesker, og hvor meget vi ligner hinanden. Hvor meget tid er brugt sammen osv. Jeg tror, at stedet på kortet er mindre vigtigt, hvor det handler om venlighed end et forsøg på at få et godt indtryk i starten, som jeg anser for at være helt naturlig.
    fine billeder forresten 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I would be freak out with both chicken feet and scorpion. But if I choose between the two I’d prefer chicken feet, at least chicken feet is part of the chicken. And I can handle parts of a chicken. 😜🤪😂😊

        Liked by 1 person

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