A Lucky Coincidence

I know Sunday is so close to being over and another week of school and/or work for many is waiting, just on the other side of what will probably turn out to be less sleep than needed. So because I feel you guys, I thought I’d share a happy story. Though it is from my life, so I don’t exactly know how much it will cheer you up ๐Ÿ˜› It’s possible to feel like second-hand happiness though right? Like when you see a couple get married or a happy dog or something. Yup. I’m sure that’s a thing.

Without further ado, here it comes #StoryTime

*clears throat*

It all starts with my love for Sam Smith. I’ve always been very into his music, and since his voice makes my heart melt, I think it’s only natural that I’ve tried to share his music with people. After playing some songs for my dad he’s turned out to be very into his music as well so when I found out that Denmark was one of the stops on Sam’s tour I thought it would be an awesome birthday gift for my dad. My siblings were cool with being in on the gift as well, (concert tickets aren’t exactly cheap y’all), so all I had to do was buy one for myself and then we’d give him his as a present. Unfortunately I’d totally underestimated Sam Smith’s popularity here in Denmark so when I wasn’t able to buy them immediately, since I was in class, they were all sold out by the time Iย was out of school :ยด(
I know I know, this right here is not making you feel second-hand happiness, but don’t worry, things are taking a turn for the better now.

We think it’s a bummer of course, but we can’t really do much about it so we just tell him that we didn’t get them and get him something else for his birthday instead.
Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when my dad calls me into the living room because he wants to talk to me. He ask me if I’m still available on April 20th and I’m like oh yes, (I could kinda feel where it was going), and he then says that he has an opportunity to buy two tickets from a woman who contacted him through Facebook because she’d heard them play Sam Smith on the radio, (my dad works at a radio station), and talk about how he’d wanted to go to the concert and had a daughter who’d love it even more. She’d written that since she couldn’t attend the concert herself anyway she’d be happy to sell them to us.
I was like “YES FATHER! LET’S GO!”. And so we bought them. Now we’re just hoping that they’re valid and that we didn’t get ripped off or something, but let’s not think about that possibility. Let’s have faith in humanity for once.
No matter what I’m so stoked and I can’t wait to hear Sam live!

Fin.ย (said in a French accent)


Ah yes, so that was the story.ย ย I hope it made kinda sense, though I am aware that it was pretty much just all over the place ;P I don’t know how to blog, okay guys? Even though it’s the 2-year-anniversary of my blog today I still haven’t cracked the code yet. Heh. Also damn, 2 years? I’m surprised I haven’t quit yet since I get the urge like every other day or so ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyways. Happy Birthday lil’ blog and to you guys, I wish that every one of you may survive next week โค

So thanks for reading to those of you who did and thanks for putting up with my messy blogging shit for so long. I appreciate it.

11 thoughts on “A Lucky Coincidence

  1. Happy anniversary to your blog๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰. Sam Smith? Omggg I’m so happy for youuu. Hopefully, those tickets will be genuine and you’ll have so much fun at the concert. I hope your dad has a happy birthday in advance too xx

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