What I Read In 2018

Hi, hello there; it’s January, it’s a new year and I don’t know how to feel about it. I always feel weird at the end of each year because suddenly 365 days have just passed and I’m left wondering where the time went. It’s like, a lot of stuff has happened during the span of … More What I Read In 2018

And Now It’s Over

*Sorry for the dramatic title, but it’s hard to name blog posts and sometimes my inner drama queen takes over and this is what happens;)* I hope you all had a great christmas and celebrated it with your loved ones. I had a really great day and evening, and I went to bed with that … More And Now It’s Over

Unspoken Words

Hey yo guys I DID IT! It actually started to write something AND I completed it. Damn. I don’t even know what life is anymore. I promised you that I’d post the story, so that’s what I’m doing now. I hope you enjoy these 800-ish words.

A Great Idea

Guys! (Do you get offended when I call you ‘guys’ even though you’re also girls? I took a feminist quiz earlier and that was a question. Sorry, got sidetracked for a second there…) My best friend got the greatest idea ever, (or maybe I got the idea, hon estly I don’t remember). Anyways, that’s not … More A Great Idea